Unknown or Untried?

I held his face in my hands, and wondered, why?

I held his gaze, but couldn’t figure why he didn’t trust me. I did my homework, I know I am right, yet he just couldn’t have the faith it took to trust in me. I refused to look away. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and his family. To see through the window of my soul.

When I went to God and asked why no trust, no understanding the love, the work we put in did no good. Why can’t anyone understand?

My answer, they hated me, they will hate you. I kinda saw it like each in their own time. Or maybe even that those of your own house wouldn’t believe because they saw you grow up. They know your faults and can’t believe God can use me, as well as them. But that isn’t true, He can. No matter our past.

One could try to prove all things. One thing is for sure, the way we are heading is leading us only into more trouble. Maybe we should listen to those who have something different to say. Provable through The Word, yet unknown or untried to most.

May God go with us all

Give? More?

Don’t we give enough? We Americans give more than any nation. Why isn’t it working? Why can’t we make any headway in homelessness? Hunger? Because we do it wrong. We don’t do it God’s way.

We normally give to charities and or churches. Yet we are told to give to those who ask. To take care of our neighbors as we take care ourselves. Yet we no longer even know our neighbors. And it is so much easier to give to charities or even our church than to those whom God tells us to take care of.

Yeah, some of us are confused as to who is our neighbor, if that be the case, ask a child. They know who their neighbor is.

Though the churches want the money, don’t we all, yet they don’t take care of those who ask. Go ahead, go to any church and ask them to help you make your bills. If you are a member of their church, they might give a little. But it is written to give to those who ask, not those who believe like you.

Yeah, we do a lot of things wrong. We need to find the way God does things. His counsel is sure to get better results. What do we have to lose by giving God’s way a chance. For surely our way has only lead to a suffering world.

May God go with us all

Why Copyright a Bible?

There are so many versions of the Bible out now days. Seems like every preacher needs their personal version, and then the public cries for easier and easier reading translations. The thing is, if they are all telling the same story, then why must they all be copyrighted? After all a book isn’t coyrighted anew when a new translation comes out. Could it be that the numerous translations of the Bible don’t tell the same story?

In order to get a copyright on a derivative work, you must show that it is significantly different from the original work. Considering that the basic Bible in the English speaking countries–thereby “original work–” is Old Faithful, the stand-by of the Bibles–the King James Bible, (for those in the United Kingdom, The Authorized Version) then you can see that all the new versions must be different from the King James: making us miss the mark.

The significant difference can be as simple as rearranging or changing the punctuation around. After all, these following sentences mean two different things.

I went with two idiots, Tom and Bill.
I went with two idiots, Tom, and Bill.

Or we could take our example from the Bible itself.

Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Or as some would prefer it to be written:
Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee Today, shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Did you see the difference in both? Just look for where the commas were moved or added. As you can see, that one comma changes the meaning drastically, in both examples.

Perhaps this is why Jesus said that not one jot or tittle would be done away with ‘til all be fulfilled.

You Get What You Pay For

You’ve heard it said, “you get what you pay for.” I say we have paid dearly and it is time to get what we have paid for. We have paid our government and gotten? We have paid our “seers/preachers” and gotten? We have paid more than most realize, cause they take slowly and covered it in deceit.

It won’t be long, they will come for whatever you have left. They’ve taken most everything dear to us and we just let them and never give it any thought. Think of what all we have lost. The Old Testament, some have lost even the New Testament, their God. Now they want your Constitution, then it will be your property, then your children. Anything one can hold dear, they will consume it, until you are left with nothing. No hopes, no dreams, no God, no loved ones, just you, all alone, doing their bidding, wondering ‘where is God’?

He isn’t far, He isn’t anywhere you can’t see or handle Him. He is probably in your home. Sitting there wondering if you will ever seek Him, for He comes in the volume of a Book. I am not talking about going to the false religions, all of them know nothing. Only He knows the way, and it is Him you need.

If you were my sibling my advice would be: Deuteronomy 6:8
If you were my spouse my advice would be: John 15:10
If you were my child my advice would be: John 14:15

To seek the ways of our fathers, those who went before us. Not those in the same boat and just as lost as we are, but those of a different generation. Look and see, we were given the Bible, told it is The Word of God. We need to see it all as One. The Old, The New, they are One. In one we can learn to hear, the other we can learn to see. We need to see that all of it is The Word of God, in fact, Jesus is The Word of God. So The Old, His mind, The New, His body. Which part would you reject? Would the body have no need for the mind? Or visa-versa?

God gave us One Word. He came down, stood upon the mount and delivered a word to the world He loves so. That Word is the Ten Commandments. Then He wrote His Word in stone and gave it to the world. Then He made His Word flesh and gave Him to the world as His Lamb. Yes again, the Ten Commandments. Three times, three ways, He gave us His Word. Then set out to reveal to us His Word, and gave us the Bible. The revelation of Jesus. Jesus is what The Ten Commandments looks like in flesh. Full of love and mercy, grace and tears. His heart, His mind, His soul, all wrapped up in the Ten Commandments.

If you believe there is no law, then you are deceived. Look, do a little homework, go see what Jesus Himself told us about the law. That He didn’t come to do away with a single jot of it. His disciples kept them and advises that we do the same. He will not accept those who are full of iniquity (sin, the transgression of the law).

So it looks like the choice is before us. We can choose to keep the laws the so called “lawmakers” give us. In which I don’t hold much hope for. There are millions, libraries full of laws, keep them all or establish your own law, or go with God.

By “keeping” God’s, He means just that. “Keep,” as in retain possession of them. If you rely on memorizing them, remember a little bump on the head can cause you to lose them, in fact time itself may do it as well. So follow Jesus’ example and wear them upon your forehead and hand, or our fathers, and make you a new heart or amulet if you choose and wear them around your neck. Sew them in your clothes. Doesn’t matter really, just keep them closer than you would your VISA.

Go to Biblegateway.com and do a search “keep commandments.” Look closely at all who advises us to keep them. Look up anything that will help you understand how to keep them. The advice is all through The Word. Even at the very end, it is those who have kept The Commandments who are considered to have the patience of the Saints.

Yes, they (the world), did do away with God’s Ten Commandments, they killed His Son. But remember it took only three days for Him to rise. God will give you His Son as your sin offering if you ask Him, He will put Him in your heart by writing His law upon it. Yes, Jesus will come and sup with you if you keep Him close, cling to Him, dwell in Him.

Remember the words of Paul, “put on” our Lord Jesus Christ. Or those of Solomon, “it is the duty of all men to keep The Commandments.” We must declare law to those who are lawless. Offer a better way to those caught in the ways of the world. And raise up our Lord, as our Father in heaven has done. Raise His Name, rise up and heed the call.
You’ve heard it said “America is the world’s hope.” Because America knows what is good, we just have to learn to “keep” that which is good.

God’s Word = Ten Commandments
Jesus = God’s Word

Establish God’s Word as God as He was in the beginning.

Establish Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. WEAR THE WORD OF GOD! He is our armour, armour up, you and your loved ones will need Him in the days to come. In the words of Paul “PUT HIM ON.” Never leave home without Him.

May God go with us all.


“Don’t be deceived,” is what–most–preachers are declaring. They attempt to close the ears of the people, to hold them blind and deaf. They want us depending upon them to tell us what God wants from us. Yet they deceive themselves as well.

What is it about “the whole world is deceived” that they don’t understand? The Word tells us that we have let our traditions etc. overtake The Word of God. The commandments of the church overtake God’s commandments. Our preachers encourage us not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, or watch and/or read most movies or books etc.. They try to run our lives and what they don’t attempt, the government does.

Yet when The Old Testament tells us what to eat or wear, we object. When we know that God has our best interests at heart. And the preachers mainly want your money, power or both. And yes, I am aware that we are told that the Old Testament is old and no longer of any use to us. Yet, may I ask, in whom do you trust?

God never changes, what He expected from Moses, those of that generation, David, Solomon, or any of the great prophets etc. will He not expect from us all?

Jesus warned us that they twist the Scriptures. They have had us sitting on our tush for many generations. There is a work to be done, it is by our works we are judged. What work? Surely it isn’t all those things in the Old Testament that we are told to do. You know like bind His Word, the commandments, and wear them. Or maybe the making of tassels etc.. Yes, according to the Word, there is a work to do. Work that Jesus did because we know Jesus kept the Scriptures as He was told. He is our example, your preacher doesn’t hold a candle next to the light that Jesus gives us when we do the will of the Father.

Jesus tells us to do God’s will. And the only way we can, is to go see what God expects of us. As bad as America is, and she is hurting, we are hurting, we need God’s help. Can we not humble ourselves and go to God and let him know that we have found our way wrong. And beg Him to show us His ways. That we may not only please Him, but help ourselves as well. So our choice is simple, we either do as God says, or we follow our preachers into the pit, the grave. And leave our children the inheritance of slavery.

Everyone is deceived, all of us…everyone! The only way truth will be told is to find those few who have nothing left to lose and is willing to trust in God. Must we all go down, before someone looks up?

If you think you have all the Truth, then you are at even greater peril. Don’t close your mind, ears, or eyes.

May God go with us all.

Our Plea to all those who preach/teach the Bible.

Most of you are admired for your dedication to The Word. You study the Bible, you work in it for hours. Your heart and mind is full of Scriptures. But what about those who place their trust in you to help them? How can they spend hours in the Word or Bible? Many who sit in your churches every Sunday are feeling like they are wasting their time. They hear the same thing year after year. They pay tithes, and receive nothing in return. I do believe that is why many are leaving the churches, they feel useless. You do all the work, get all the blessings and they suffer and feel empty.

They need something to do. They need a new way to stay in The Word, even while they work to feed their family. They are under tremendous pressure these days. We all know we need more faith. So we need to understand what is faith, what is that faith that has carried America this far and made her the greatest nation on earth? The Word of God, our Bible, our faith, our God. If they need more faith, why not give it to them?

We are aware we cannot carry the Bible with us everywhere we go, at least not how it is right now. But what if we simply cut and pasted a few Scriptures in smaller print so they can be folded and bound and then wore, say around the neck. Small enough to wear under their shirt, yeah, an amulet, or something like it.

Ok you are right, there is no law saying we have to do that, but hey, there isn’t any saying we can’t either. In fact I have a few arguments that might prove it can be good for us. In fact it could be a great work and a great benefit to those who decide to give it a go. Israel was commanded to do something like it. So if God told them to do it, He can’t go too hard on us if we copy the idea.

It would give many in the church things to do, to make the amulets. Some to cut and paste, then print Scriptures. Some to bind them etc.

How many times have you been reading the Bible and a Scripture popped out at you, like it belonged to you? I know I have had it happen a lot. It is like God is wanting to give you something to cling to, to carry you through the day. Well what if they could cling to it and carry always, as a gift from God?

Let me give you some examples:

For instance if they need a Doctrine, give them Jesus’ by giving them the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-7:27). What better doctrine could you give them?

They Speak to us, and will lead us as it is written in Proverbs 6:20-23.

Only talk is a vain thing as seen in, surprise, surprise, Proverbs 14:23

The print might be so small as to be unreadable, but they are still effective. After all, germs cannot be seen, yet they can kill. The Word, no matter the size, still offers life.

If some one needed a song in their heart, or some wisdom, better to give it to them from God, than any thing else we could offer.

God said He would write His law upon our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). Work out your own salvation (Philippians 2:12). We can make us a new heart and put a new spirit in it as written in Ezekiel 18:31. Jesus said His words are spirit and they are life(John 6:63). You can give them the very spirit of Jesus. Or maybe we could use even the Constitution, it too is a new spirit, the very spirit of America, and He does tell us not to forsake the law of our mother (Proverbs 6:20-23). There is so much we could do. We don’t have to be all talk, or sit in pews. We could hold or cling to those things we hold dear. Some things we need to keep close to our skin, so to speak.

If you will notice none of my examples come from the Law. You are right, there is no Law in love. But if you love Him, you would keep His commandments. The two you are always emphasizing, the greatest commandment (Mark 12:29-31), and the new commandment (John 13:34) He gave us.

Spread the Word is a command given to everyone who believes. How else can it be spread if one does not preach or sing? This would allow even the laymen to spread the Word, thereby keeping His charge.

This is only an idea that might help America. If you have a better one, let me know.


May God go with us all.