In Defense of The King James Only Crowd

There is a lot of controversy over the King James Only believers. I really have no idea what harm someone can do by believing in only one Bible. The Bibles, like people, all say different things. Altogether, they will lead you into circles. We can easily miss the mark. We can either listen to people or consult different Bibles, but someday, there will come a time when you need to make up your mind in whom you will follow.

If one doesn’t, that’s when they just go in circles from one consultant to another, never getting anywhere. I see why so many go with the King James. It has a strong language and everyone seems to start with KJ when they decide to change what they don’t like about it and come up with a different translation, one more to their liking or maybe to other people’s liking for the money. There is no end to the translations.

The King James is a Holy Bible, unlike many others. It is The Word of a King. Maybe not yours, but to many others. If you had to put ALL your faith in one Bible, which would it be? You can always consider this. We are told Jesus is The Word of God…. Most just haven’t figured out which Word/Bible is the Real Word of God in whom we know as Jesus.

Is the King James the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ? Or is it another Bible. God only has one Word. One could argue that no Bible is The Word of God. For God spoke only once to men, when He gave us the Ten Commandments. And the Ten Commandments is the only Word God gave men that He wrote with His own finger. So we could argue that the Ten Commandments is “The Word” we know as Jesus. And when Jesus was taken/killed then the law died, or put politely was “done away” with.

We are told that He comes in the volume of a book it is written of me, Psalm 40:7. If that be the case, He could be in most any Bible. But if one chooses to follow in His footsteps then they really need to pick a Bible to follow, lest we go back to chasing our tails. Yet I haven’t seen anyone follow in His footsteps, following the customs of God, or doing the will of God, cause most refuse to consider the OT, where we are told the Father’s ways, and where we learn how Jesus kept His Father’s commandments, ways etc. following the same road Jesus Himself did.

Wouldn’t we do as we see Him do? I know the OT is hard to understand, but we are not held to what we don’t understand. But most don’t even try to understand nor do. Most do nothing of the OT and only what they like in the NT. So what does it matter what translation? Until one is ready to seek God, The Lord our God is one, then the rest is irrelevant.

We each have to work out our own salvation. We have to learn. Listening to others tell us what they make of a Scripture has gotten us no where. We need to “practice” our religion. Try reading, studying then doing what it is He says to do. So use any translation. My biggest objection is those who tell us we are wrong but give us no answers. Or even those who try to shove the way they see things down our throats.

There are many good sites/blogs around that people are building to explain why they do or believe the way they do. That is good. We can get ideas to take to prayer or study. Some people are getting good at explaining things. Go search individual people and get away from religion. See what people like you and me are getting from Scripture. Don’t denounce those who are trying. Help ‘em, do a study of your own. Be the one who contributes and builds on another’s work rather than going around tearing others down.

Are we builders? Or destroyers? Encourage others and stop telling them that they are wrong. You are probably wrong as well. I am sure we all are so why keep tripping up others. Go… work out your own salvation. And like Mom always said, ain’t got nothing good to say, don’t say nothing.

May God go with us all.


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