Christian Faith-vs-Religious Works

This article is true. It all started with faith when you ask Jesus, or God for help and faith, or “Jesus” was placed in your heart. No evidence. Just something between you and your God. But these days we need more. Our salvation is sure.

We were given a measure of faith, or Bibles. It is what we do with it that will help us in the coming days. Some hard days are here and they seem to only be getting worse. We, who have faith, just need to learn to use it.

We were told to share the gospel, all of us. Not just the preachers, or singers, but even we who cannot give a speech or hold a tune. So our problem is how?

Some people frame their favorite Scripture and give as a gift to another. Maybe a healing Scripture to one who is ill. Some people bind Scripture and sew them into garments, bedding, etc.. Gifting a blanket with a protection Scripture to a homeless person etc..

So though this author is correct in his statements, there is still a lot of work we could do, that isn’t being done.

May God go with us all.


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