The 10 Suggestions of God?

The 10 Suggestions of God
by Gary Kurz

This too is a good article.

I agree with Mr. Kurz when he states that God gave us the Commandments for our own good. They belong to God, and He freely gave them to us so that we can find what we need to make it through this life. And remember, we were separated from God until the death of His Son. So because of His sacrifice, we have access to The Word of God.

There is a lot that can be said about the Ten Commandments.
Think over this one:
God spoke the Ten Commandments (Rhema Word)
God wrote the Ten Commandments (Logos Word)
And God made His Word flesh (Jesus?)

Makes John 1:1-3 make more sense.
The Word of God is the only thing that God gave us that is eternal. What if we took that which is eternal and put it on that which is mortal?

May God go with us all.


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