Do you have the Time?

I know most of us are told to be sure and vote. Study those who run for office so we don’t pick the wrong guy. Let me ask you, have you found a right one yet? All they do is add more and more laws, being sure no one can know them all, yet keep or do them. So are they making sinners out of us all? I have about as much time for that as I do reading the Bible daily.

I say drop the political charades, they are just a group, a rather large group, beast you could say, that never gets enough money, power, or slaves/people to do their bidding.

No matter who you vote for, it isn’t going to get any better fighting evil with evil. Spend your time doing things that matter to you. It looks like your free time is almost up.

We can just hold a big party until the house falls down. Or we could fight the evil with good. But I am not so sure anyone knows what good is anymore. Washington, nor any religion has any answers for us. And we are so busy fighting that we can’t hear from God over all the cacophony. So as they say when the plane begins to plummet, bend over and kiss you’re a** goodbye.

There is hope for those who want it. If you have read the back of the Book, we are suppose to win. The only way to do that is with The Word, you got it, the Ten Commandments. Wear them, display them, pass them around. All that are mortal should put on that which is immortal. The Word God spoke, the Word God wrote, The Word God made flesh, Jesus/your Ten Commandments. You know, that Law God said He would write upon your heart, bring Him forth and let Him lead you in all you do.

May we be found in Him, when He returns.


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