Who are We? Children of God or Citizens of the World?

Jesus promised not to leave us orphans. When our forefathers left their homelands they left their mother’s house. They landed in a new land and made us a new home. A place where we can choose in whom we shall serve. A place where we can practice our religion until we get it right. Our forefathers gave us a nation by giving us a Constitution and the Commandments of God. The Ten Commandments, the law of our Father, and our Constitution, the law of our Mother. So we are not orphans, but children who needs to learn the laws of our Father, and the ways of our Mother. America, home of the law of freedom, the law of love.

There is much wisdom in what God tells us to do. Take trimming our light. The light we walk by is our Constitution, by trimming it, we would take anything written after our forefathers signature and cut it off every fifty years. That would keep the people free. To sit here for over two hundred years continuing to add more and more laws, we burden down the people to the point they, or we ourselves become slaves of our government. We need understanding. We need to learn. Only God can show us how to keep ourselves happy, free, and children of God. Don’t become a citizen of the world. Become the people of God. Stick with the law of our Mother and our Father, they know what is best for us.

You know most Christians claim there is no law. And they are right, as far as the world is concerned. For Jesus is The Word of God. And remember the only Word God gave us is the Ten Commandments. That is The Word God spoke, God wrote and The Word God made flesh. So Jesus is The Commandments, The Word of God. So when Jesus died and God raised Him to the heavens, there was no longer any law for this world. According to the world, the Law was done away with. We were left with our own devices. And that is why the dark ages came in. There was no light for the world, a wicked time.

But you know, for those of us who claim to be God’s people, we are to establish law. His Law, the Law of love. Remember God so loved the world? He gave us His ways so there would be light in the world. We have fallen short of that quest. We have fallen into the ways of the world. God expects a standard, He expected His people to do His works, not those of the world.

There is only two ways for us to go, either establish law, that our children grow in the freedom of whom we shall serve. The freedom Jesus died to give us. Or the ways of the world. Will the world overtake us? Will we fall short of our quest? Will we ever remember who we are? Are you a citizen of the world yet, or are you still on the fence line?

Make your mind, and set out to please God. Learn to do things His way and ignore the insults and put downs everyone insists on spitting out. Let them work out their own salvation to save their souls if they can, and if they choose to continue to destroy others, then they will someday rest in peace…but we will be here to watch the fight. I bet, no, I know we will win.

Go ahead and search your heart, see what God put in there, then put it upon you and yours. Wear the Ten Commandments, and our Constitution, put them on all you love. Hide them all in Him.

May we all be found in His presence.


One thought on “Who are We? Children of God or Citizens of the World?

  1. Yes, we have a twofold problem. First, “Christians [who] claim there is no law.,” Luther, Calvin, and Wesley (to name just three) all had to battle against such. (See their comments at the end of link.)
    And secondly, the Ten Commandments (and other basics) used to be “an integral part of our culture” yet, today, most Christians cannot name them nor are they taught to the children. And we wonder about the state of our culture?
    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”–Hosea
    We need a serious effort by Christians to teach, again, the children. http://textsincontext.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/teaching-children-the-ten-commandments/

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