Are We More Than Just Talk?

There are many who say what we do is in vain. Of no use. They have said it is idolatry, even to go so far that it is sin.

To start with sin is the transgression of the Law. And what we do is not going against the law, but is written as our counsel to do so. For our fathers were instructed to do so, and we do what we see our fathers do, for they were instructed by Him in His ways. So God Himself does it.

What we do is not in vain, nor idolatry. It is as important as the ‘preachers’ spreading The Word by mouth, or ‘singers’ who spread it through song. Yet they are known to add to or take from The Word.

We take the pure Word. Scriptures we are told to keep, bind them and place them upon us, and upon our things. We give all to Him, even ourselves. For surely when one gives something to someone, their name is placed upon the gift. So we wear His name with The Word inserted under it.

To bind and wear The Word is written in the law for those of Israel. Whether you see us as Israel or not, is irrelevant. We know it pleases God or He wouldn’t have instructed His people to do it. Aren’t we instructed, in the New Testament, to keep the Commandments? To find and keep all that is good?

We find The Word of God as good, and we keep it close to us as well as spread it to all who will receive it. So the way we spread The Word isn’t evil, nor in vain, but it is good. Probably better than by mouth.

As always, God counsels us to do what is good for us. He has our best interests at heart at all times. It isn’t for His sake that He shows us what pleases Him, but ours. So whether we understand why, or not, doesn’t matter. Have you not heard: do what God says, and leave the consequences to Him. To obey Him, just as Israel did.

I know we cannot understand everything in the Old Testament, for some things belong to God. But God gave us His ways and we must remember they are His. I reckon it will be long before we totally understand everything God has given us.

If you find something in the ‘law,’ or counsel of God that you do not understand, then no worries, for we are not held to the things we don’t understand. There is no excuse for intentional ignorance.

We are all told to spread The Word, the gospel, tell me, how do you do it? Is there really a wrong way to give The Word to those who desire it? Aren’t we told we need more faith? Well my faith is The Word of God, our Bible. That is with whom my faith rest. We were given a measure, and then the instructions to apply it. By mouth, by song, and by deed.

We shouldn’t be all talk. For have you not read what those who speak only, what their fate is?

Sam: “There’s some good in this world Mr. Frodo and it’s worth fighting for.”


May God go with us all.


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