Reading Verses in Context VS Isolated Scriptures

If you are reading, verses in context is necessary. But if in a study, then dissect every word, every sentence, in every way you can think of, (a good dictionary helps a lot). Get understanding of each and every word. If explaining a Scripture, then it first, should be in context. But then you can show how else it may have been used in the Scriptures, not necessarily in the same words, but the idea, the thought should carry over.

There is no written word that is not necessary or God wouldn’t have given them to us. Every word, every phrase is very important and many times it is only one word that makes a difference in our understanding.

Different people learn different ways, find what’s good for you and let the Spirit lead you in your reading or study. If you hear something that bothers you, go seek out the answer yourself. We are told to study to show ourselves approved. We are not told to prove anything to anyone other than to ourselves. Many preach what men teach…be careful.

Work out your own salvation and, most of all, let the Written Scriptures be your guide. No human need teach you, perhaps help, but Jesus will teach those who earnestly try and never quit.

May God go with us all


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