Hope, is There Any?

Those who are religious, or say, many who read or study the Bible, and those who believe them, tell us everything is going great. Don’t worry God will take care of us if we keep the faith. Yet many secular people claim doomsday is around the corner and it will be every man for themselves. Which is it? Is heaven or hell coming to America and the world?

There is a day coming that is both great and, yet for some, terrible. It is called a great and terrible day for a reason: it will, or it can, be both. God willing and with His help may He open our eyes and ears that we may come to understand why it has to be both. Why can’t it just all be great?

It is because we were given free will. We have a choice to make and depending on your choice, will that day be great or terrible. Let’s lay that choice out plainly. God tells us to choose His ways, His law. If we choose Him, indeed it will be a great day. If we choose to do nothing, or the world and its ways, then maybe not so great.

If one chooses His ways, His law, then they must do as it is written. To take the Ten Commandments and put them upon their forehead and hand. If they choose the way they were taught by the world, then do nothing. That’s our choice. Nothing hard, for you see God is The Father, which means you can apply the Ten Commandments; Yet Jesus is Lord, so you could apply His commandments. Whether you are Old Testament fans, or New Testament you can do either. Just so you make some attempt to have your evidence of your faith. Make an effort to keep His customs. Like Father, like child.

If you are a child of God, then keep His ways, His customs rather than the world’s. The world is ruled by dictators that are full of greed, and power hungry. America is being consumed by it. Our only hope is that we make the right choice.

If I could counsel you in your decision I would suggest that one keep either the Ten Commandments, or Jesus’ Commandments along with our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Bind them and wear them. Of course we should trim our light, so one would need to cut the Constitution off where our Forefathers signed it.

One should read “Our Healing,” to understand the stripes and the leaves that will bring us our healing and make that Great and terrible Day, a great day indeed.

Those who do nothing will see the terrible day, for God will give us over to the lord you choose. Make the right decision, for it isn’t just your future you will be deciding, but your children and grandchildren as well.

Remember Proverbs 6:20-23

Then remember who you are. Most of all Remember Jesus is The Word of God. The Old Testament, The New Testament, all of it. Obey Him, you will not regret it. Be a doer of THE WORD! May God go with us all (and The Word was God). May He be our God again.


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