Marriage, the Triathalon

If you haven’t found the one you will go to hell and back with or for, then you haven’t found the right one. For heaven comes only after the test and trails. Remain faithful and enter into heaven with all the hopes, dreams, and waves of ecstasy you had on your wedding day. Don’t fail, don’t stop, don’t ever give up, keep at the back of your mind that as, God never fails, with your help, your spouse will not either. Be that helpmeet, that comforter, help each other at whatever your goals are. Work together, lean on one another, and know they suffer as you do and one day those tests, those trials will be over and you and your loved one will come out together and forever in LOVE and ready to enjoy heaven with all that God meant for it to be.

For truly there is no water too deep, no mountain too high, no land too wide that the two of you cannot swim, climb or cross, when you find that one, that special one.

Marriage is truly a triathlon.

It’s the two of you against the world, don’t let the nasty waters take you down. When you can’t keep you head above the waters, grab His hand. If one goes ahead on that long trip, remain faithful, these battlegrounds will not always be. It will be on earth as it is in heaven and your heart will be fulfilled. Hang in there, it isn’t forever, just a short while.

Tough it out, and May God go With Us All.


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