Is it God VS Country?

Maybe the reason people seem to want the government to provide medical, food, etc. for free is because they see the government as god. Yet, not even God gives everything for nothing. Our salvation cost Him His Son, the least we can do is try to please Him. He did make it possible for us to enter into the Kingdom, the least we can do is enter in.

But then again, most think they have entered in. But that makes no sense. For God said He would put Jesus in our heart by writing His Word (Jesus is the Word) upon our hearts. Wouldn’t logical thinking bring us to know that Jesus is in us, not us in Him? So we must find what God wrote on our heart, then we can take that and put it on. Ya know, work out our salvation which God so freely gave, let the Spirit (spoken Word) lead and guide us. All one has to do is search his own heart and find what God put there.

What you will find is God put His law in us, if you ever went to Him with repentance. That very Word from His mouth, the Ten Commandments, you know that law everyone is thinking was ‘done away’ with. That Law that people are wanting to dispose of and never see it again because it makes them grow up and learn to act responsible. To respect others, to care for your neighbour, you know all those things that people hate because it makes them feel sad, or inadequate.

It really doesn’t matter whether one will “put on” The Word, simply because, it is their decision and their life. My decision has been made. So whether anyone else accepts His protection is their decision and their responsibility. Life is full of decisions. All one can do is try to make a wise one.

Maybe you have been doing great and don’t think you need all He has to offer. And maybe that is true, yet let me ask you this, since all you think of is yourself, what about your children or children’s children? And do you know the future and know that you nor they will need His protection, His lead or guiding?

No one says it is easy to admit you need His help, to humble yourself and admit He just might know more than we do. But if you can, then all who depends upon you will be safer, happier, and prepared to face the future. Let this help humble you: God tells us we are a stupid people, and we thought we were so smart, you know so educated and all.

I am not one who thinks the world will end tomorrow, yet I can face reality and know things ain’t looking real good. Trouble is ahead of us, but so is a glorious day dawning. It depends on your decision.

Most any preacher will raise up the Bible and declare it The Word of God. In John we are told that Jesus is The Word of God, leaving us to figure out how to enter into a book! God gives us perfect directions. But they are found in the “Old Testament.” And we believe the lie that we no longer need that Old thing. It is just too old. Good never changes. What was good, perfect yesterday, is still good today. Evil is evil, good is good. Hang onto that which is good and let The Word teach you how. Be a doer of The Word. God didn’t just give us half a Word, Half a promise. He gave us the Bible for a reason, it would be all the help we would need. We only have to learn to apply it properly. Refuse to believe the lie that when something get old it is worthless. That would make a lot of us … ah well.

I have heard it said that old is always ten years older than yourself. In that manner, none of us is old. Yet what is old? Compared to the world, the Word is young. Compared to England, America is young, yet we are being told that our Constitution is old. Which bring us to another topic. In keeping that which is good and doing as God says, forsake not the law of your mother. So as we “keep” and wear the Ten Commandments we might also consider “keeping” our Constitution. To keep the law of our mother and Father.

I am also aware many claim one cannot be patriotic and religious. Then get out of religion and learn from God. For He so loved the world, and America is a part of it.

We have been called a melting pot. We have not one God in this nation, but many. I will declare we do have a Mother and a Father, we are not orphans and we have One God. Any choosing to live here should keep the house rules. I care not how old … I love ‘em both!!

Our forefathers delivered us America and many died to give us The Word as well. It was their goal for us to come to know and love God. Practice makes perfect and one day we will get there. One day we will walk perfect as He is perfect. Will you live to see it?

May God go with us all.


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