What Do You Have To Lose?

What are you so afraid of. Afraid of losing your children, your spouse, everything you worked your life for? Are you afraid for America yet? Maybe afraid your children or grandchildren will end up as slaves to a tyrant. Will America, in time for the next generation, be a third world country, or will we even be a country?

Your fears are well grounded. Because that is exactly what is happening. Our government isn’t going to help, they are caught up in themselves. Our churches aren’t helping, they are stuck in their ways. But I declare to you that we don’t have to sit back and watch everything be washed down the drain. We can fight. Fight for our families, our nation, our God.

What do we have to lose? Who cares what anyone says anymore? Ain’t you had enough? When is enough, enough? Most of us has worked all our lives, just to watch it all be consumed by a greedy, control hungry politicians and preachers. Get out of the church, stop choosing the lesser evil, if there is such a thing, to govern us. Then begin to do what The Word tells us to do, that is to “keep” His words, even has He kept His Father’s.

“My words are spirit and they are life”, that is what we are told in the N.T. To “keep” His words the way He kept His Father’s, is to wear them upon the forehead and hand. Simply take the Sermon on the Mount, the words from the mouth of Jesus, from the mount, and learn to wear them. Let His Spirit lead us, let Him tell us how to straighten out our ways.

What do you have to lose by learning a new way, His way? It seems we have lost most everything already. What they haven’t consumed, they soon will, if we don’t make a stand. They have taken the ways of God from us when they convinced us we had no need of the Old Testament. They want to do away with the New Testament, for now it is old and unneeded. And to either change, or do away with our Constitution. There is no stopping these people. The only way to fight the evil in our midst is with that which is good. What is good? What is truth? Did not God give us what we needed when He gave us His Word?

Stop sitting in the pews, get up, and fight! Put on His Word and let the spirit lead us in all we do. Or give up and await your citizenship as a citizen of the world. Will we really allow the world to consume us? Will we just lay down and let them overtake us?

May God help us, even though we don’t deserve His love, for we have ignored Him, His ways, His love. Give Him thanks for His patience, and praise Him for His wisdom of the timing. For if, when He returns, He destroys all evil, there would be nothing left of any of us. The party is over, time to go to work. Learn to fight with your fingers, fight like God teaches us to fight.

Sit there and just think about it, think long enough, and your decision is made for ya. Will it be the world that consumes us, or will it be The Word of God. And remember, Jesus is The Word!
May God go with us all.


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