Good and Evil?

Evil seems to prevail in this world. What is evil? Where does it come from?

As most seem to assume some things are evil and should be avoided, evil isn’t things. Video games are not evil, not movies, or smoking or drinking etc. Evil is when the cravings of the heart exceed the Law. Evil proceeds from the heart of men (as in mankind).

Much of it could be listed under coveting. If your neighbour bought a new car, you like it, you want one, that’s ok. Nothing wrong with desire. It becomes evil when you are willing to break the law to achieve one.

Same with power, greed etc.. Much of that is the breaking of a law in order to achieve your heart’s desire. It is important that we remain within the law. Whether it is the law of the country you live in, God’s law, whatever law you fall under. As members of the family of God, one would have to obey God’s Law as well as the law of the Country, unless by obeying the country’s law, you would have to break God’s.

First, as children, we obey our parents or those in charge of us. Then the laws of the city, state, government and God’s. A lot of laws. I so look forward to God’s Kingdom coming in where there is one law for everyone.

All these laws make it so our hands, and most the time, our feet are tied. Little can we do without breaking someone’s law. I simply try to do what I understand God wants, then the country, then on down the line. Trying to stay within all the laws is imprisoning us more and more daily. How I look forward to the coming Kingdom to free us. It will be the Law of Love, God’s Law that is the freedom we so seek.

May God go with us all


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