Unknown or Untried?

I held his face in my hands, and wondered, why?

I held his gaze, but couldn’t figure why he didn’t trust me. I did my homework, I know I am right, yet he just couldn’t have the faith it took to trust in me. I refused to look away. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and his family. To see through the window of my soul.

When I went to God and asked why no trust, no understanding the love, the work we put in did no good. Why can’t anyone understand?

My answer, they hated me, they will hate you. I kinda saw it like each in their own time. Or maybe even that those of your own house wouldn’t believe because they saw you grow up. They know your faults and can’t believe God can use me, as well as them. But that isn’t true, He can. No matter our past.

One could try to prove all things. One thing is for sure, the way we are heading is leading us only into more trouble. Maybe we should listen to those who have something different to say. Provable through The Word, yet unknown or untried to most.

May God go with us all

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