The Joshua Effect by P.S. Meronek

My review and Rebuttal

After reading blurbs on different book sites, this one sounded like a cross between a amateur detective mystery, and a cozy mystery. But this is not even close to what we got.

The whole idea is that of a billionaire finding out what happened to his friends and tower. Simple, huh? It should’ve been a fun read where the bad guys got what was coming to them.

My first problem came with Charlie, one of the main characters. She thought she was Little Miss Perfect, or something. Everyone had to change around her. Living for her was having something worth, literally dying for. I have something worth dying for, my family for instance; it doesn’t mean that I want to get shot at to prove it. Plus, the little idiot was a woman who thought she would go wherever her boyfriend went, without considering that she endangered more lives at that time. He had bodyguards and she asked them to pull double duty in order to soothe her ego. Anyone who will use leaving as leverage to get what they want has some real problems in life. She was the one that needed to change her ways rather than worrying about his.

Jonathan Strickland was another problem. It was as if Mr Meronek didn’t know how he wanted to portray the man. One moment we were celebrating the fact he was rich, the next moment, he’s being portrayed as selfish and greedy, unable to understand that people were important as well.

The things that bothered me the most were the facts he saw himself more as a world citizen, and held no real patriotism, the fact that he apologized for America (I wish they would quit apologizing for me) as well as the fact he felt he could play the part of a CEO of America.

Americans don’t really like the fact that the President can just appoint people to certain positions, how much less are they going to trust an appointee made by a business man?

America was just trashed in this novel. Our people were condemned for our tastes in entertainment, for starters. It was the #1 reason the main extremist gave, of our movies are fairly violent. However, if you notice most of that violence is the hero trying to stop the villains. Americans have always been more action oriented, and action films and novels are known for their fast pace, explosions, and mostly for their strict delineations of good and evil.

The other place America got hit at was her people. The American people were split between the them (government) and us (the laymen). The government was seen as conniving people who were willing to terrorize not only the third world countries, but their own citizens in order to make a buck.

The citizens were willing to murder their leaders in fear of the next strike. Now let’s be honest, with the exception of the looter-personalities, I don’t see America just shattering during times of extreme stress or crisis. We didn’t fold on 9/11 nor Katrina etc.. Be it natural disasters, man-made disasters, or even terrorist plots, we’ve made a habit of coming together when things get rough.

We also tend to turn to God more often than to money!

Most of these problems were caused by a liberal viewpoint. Don’t take this to mean that I am totally against liberalism. Liberalism and conservatism are just two sides of the same coin. The heart and the mind respectively, if you will. There is a middle road and this novel fell off the bridge to the left.

Mr. Meronek is a good storyteller. Maybe he can bring the next novel more into the lines of fiction, and not ideology.
Good luck on the next novel, and try to find that middle road. Good try, I’ll be awaiting the next effort.

Giving It Our All

I used to say that for over thirty years, but now I can say, for over thirty-five years, we have begged, pleaded, everything we know to do to get people to accept God’s Law, His Ten Commandments. Most say they live by them the best they know how. I think that is a very true statement.

So our problem doesn’t seem to be for people to show God they love Him by keeping His commandments the best they can. Our problem seems to come under the trust factor. In whom do we trust, man or God?

Ok, lets take trust: if I offered you $500,000 free for the taking and all you have to do is to go to the bank, follow their procedures to receive it, would you go?

Jesus did about the same thing when He told us that among those who call Him Lord, He accepts only those who does the Father’s will. Any works, even in His Name, are not keys to get into the Kingdom. So we have to go see what it is that God wants from us, that is found in the O.T. where God gave Moses His ways. My search revealed that God’s will is that all men are to keep the Commandments.

So God instructs us to keep His Commandments, yet we have given it our best. Even advised our children to memorize them and live by them to the best of their ability.

All through the law and prophets, as well as the N.T. we are warned to “keep” The Commandments of God. Yet try as we may, something went wrong.

What? What or how have we missed? Mankind has one way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It’s not that we were wrong by ‘keeping’ the commandments of God the way we have, but maybe we are incomplete in our efforts of doing it only our way.

By memorizing them we applied God’s Commandments to our minds and by performing them to the best of our ability we have allowed them to penetrate our heart. But if we search the matter we find a way to apply them that we haven’t been taught, at least not by mankind. Most of us have heard of it, yet we have given it little thought.

The way God Himself councils us to ‘keep’ His word is to bind them and wear them. Deuteronomy 11:17 or 6:8. We don’t need boxes on our head, just a cap or headband with a pocket sewn in it. Simple? Yes, and I do believe it would please God to see His children doing as He instructs us.

By wearing God’s Commandments we will not fall short. For you see we would have fulfilled the council to apply His Word to our heart, mind and Soul.

The Green Pastures

Jesus said if we follow Him, He would lead us to green pastures. As our Sheppard He will feed and look after us. But what if we don’t follow Him?
God says He will give us green pastures to lay in. So which pasture are you headed for?

Will we sleep in green pastures or feed? If we do nothing, then we sleep until the time for Jesus’ return. We keep dieing. Or we could take up our cross and follow Him.

Our cross is our relationship with God, and our relationship with our fellow men. To have a relationship with God, we do what God says by “keeping His commandments”, the way we are told. We apply them to our hat or headband and a bracelet. Just like it is written. To follow Jesus, we keep His commandments in the same manner. We keep their customs.

But I am here to give you the choice I see God giving us. That is to start doing what He says, the way it is written, and ignore your preachers, or you will die. Leaving your children and grandchildren to fight for themselves in this dog eat dog world. Or we can take up the commandments and fight for our children, and live to help them.

If you don’t join the battle, then to God’s green pastures you will go and await the resurrection.

Our works, we are told are unnecessary. For Jesus did it all. And you are right. He has saved us all. And one day He will teach us and work with us, each in our own order. He has finished the work of our salvation. Life goes on. How do you want your children and grandchildren to live? As slaves to a dictator or worse? Jesus died so we don’t have to. It is a choice. To rest in Him, or work for the welfare of later generations. Remember all things are possible in Him, we could bring heaven to our children. They can have health, happiness, all the things we were to look for. Life, Liberty and happiness.

This is America, this is to be our pursuit …. Will we fail?

Flood America

We have a clean, clear, fresh river of water. There are many preachers, singers etc. who spread the ‘gospel.’ But they pollute it with their own words. They will read you a Scripture, or include a bit of one in a song or sermon, then adlib the rest.

God gave us a great river of water. There is no need to pollute it. Spread the gospel by printing and framing it and giving it to one who might need a prayer, advice, or a song. Any part of the Bible is fair game, as long as you watch the copyright.

King James is public domain and you can spread it as much and as far as you want. We are told to spread the gospel. He doesn’t say how, nor is there a law for those who love. So go ahead, make a copy of your favorite Scripture add some color or a picture to it, then pass it on. Make bookmarks of your favorite Scripture. Use your imagination and spread it any way you can think of. Let Him know you will do whatever He asks of you. We are all to spread the gospel and most of us don’t preach nor sing. But we can let the pure waters flow.

The Bible itself gives us good ideas on how to spread The Word. Everything from binding them and wearing them to posting them upon our gates. Use His ideas or come up with your own. Whatever you can do to do what Jesus tells His to do. Lets spread the gospel and…

Flood America with the clean and pure waters of The Word of God.

May God go with us all

Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

We are to overcome the flesh, to conquer it, to subdue it. To allow the Spirit of God to lead and guide it. Yet what I see today is people doing what they can for the flesh. Thinking that eating right, exercise, and supplements etc. is taking care of the flesh so they will live longer.

But God gives life and you cannot prolong the time He gives you by dieting or exercising etc.. It might help a little on how well you feel while you live, but won’t prolong it. So a little exercising might be worth it, but most of us get that in our daily tasks. The time we spend worrying about what we eat, how we look and the like, could be spent spending time with one who is lonely or in need of help.

If we truly believe, then won’t our God take care of us if we are taking care of others? Set your priorities to include those who need your company, your time, your energy etc.. Give of yourself, your time, your money to help those who might look to you to see how our God takes care of those He loves. Be an example to the world and get your focus off yourself.

I am not talking about giving to charities. I’m talking about being as personal as Jesus is to us, to one another, to give what they need, be who they need. Get your hands dirty and learn to give as freely and personally as He does.

All those who think the government or money or whatever will be there for them when they need it will soon learn better. Be as our Saviour and be a net to those who will be or are in great need. Reach out to your neighbour, to each other. Lend your time, your energy, your money, your all. Trust me, He is keeping count of every minute, every dime, every effort, no matter how large or small.

May God go with us all

Are We to be Rich or Poor?

In the world we are hearing contradictions over whether a Christian should live poor, or if it is ok to be rich with money and possessions.

Most of us have priorities in our lives. The things most important to us, that is where our time, money, everything goes. So of course all we have to do to see what is important in one’s life, that is where they will spend their time, money etcetera on. One raising a family will probably invest in their children.

When something is important, real important to someone, they will tend to it with their all. So judge it for yourself. Should a Christian live rich? I would say, as far as most laymen, sure, most are busy bringing up their children. But for those proclaiming the gospel, no. They shouldn’t be preaching it and not doing what they preach. Only when one matures to the point of spreading the gospel, love, peace, joy etc. should one invest in it.

Spreading the Gospel is more important than anything in this world. But one doesn’t need a massive building and multitudes of programs to do so. Isn’t the Gospel, the same as The Word? Or even the Bible. So it doesn’t matter if they spread it with their mouth as in preaching, singing or if they buy Bibles to spread, or even one Scripture at a time, or a widow’s mite. They should invest their all in the effort to spread The Word and caring for our neighbors.

May God go with us all.