Are We to be Rich or Poor?

In the world we are hearing contradictions over whether a Christian should live poor, or if it is ok to be rich with money and possessions.

Most of us have priorities in our lives. The things most important to us, that is where our time, money, everything goes. So of course all we have to do to see what is important in one’s life, that is where they will spend their time, money etcetera on. One raising a family will probably invest in their children.

When something is important, real important to someone, they will tend to it with their all. So judge it for yourself. Should a Christian live rich? I would say, as far as most laymen, sure, most are busy bringing up their children. But for those proclaiming the gospel, no. They shouldn’t be preaching it and not doing what they preach. Only when one matures to the point of spreading the gospel, love, peace, joy etc. should one invest in it.

Spreading the Gospel is more important than anything in this world. But one doesn’t need a massive building and multitudes of programs to do so. Isn’t the Gospel, the same as The Word? Or even the Bible. So it doesn’t matter if they spread it with their mouth as in preaching, singing or if they buy Bibles to spread, or even one Scripture at a time, or a widow’s mite. They should invest their all in the effort to spread The Word and caring for our neighbors.

May God go with us all.


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