Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

We are to overcome the flesh, to conquer it, to subdue it. To allow the Spirit of God to lead and guide it. Yet what I see today is people doing what they can for the flesh. Thinking that eating right, exercise, and supplements etc. is taking care of the flesh so they will live longer.

But God gives life and you cannot prolong the time He gives you by dieting or exercising etc.. It might help a little on how well you feel while you live, but won’t prolong it. So a little exercising might be worth it, but most of us get that in our daily tasks. The time we spend worrying about what we eat, how we look and the like, could be spent spending time with one who is lonely or in need of help.

If we truly believe, then won’t our God take care of us if we are taking care of others? Set your priorities to include those who need your company, your time, your energy etc.. Give of yourself, your time, your money to help those who might look to you to see how our God takes care of those He loves. Be an example to the world and get your focus off yourself.

I am not talking about giving to charities. I’m talking about being as personal as Jesus is to us, to one another, to give what they need, be who they need. Get your hands dirty and learn to give as freely and personally as He does.

All those who think the government or money or whatever will be there for them when they need it will soon learn better. Be as our Saviour and be a net to those who will be or are in great need. Reach out to your neighbour, to each other. Lend your time, your energy, your money, your all. Trust me, He is keeping count of every minute, every dime, every effort, no matter how large or small.

May God go with us all


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