Flood America

We have a clean, clear, fresh river of water. There are many preachers, singers etc. who spread the ‘gospel.’ But they pollute it with their own words. They will read you a Scripture, or include a bit of one in a song or sermon, then adlib the rest.

God gave us a great river of water. There is no need to pollute it. Spread the gospel by printing and framing it and giving it to one who might need a prayer, advice, or a song. Any part of the Bible is fair game, as long as you watch the copyright.

King James is public domain and you can spread it as much and as far as you want. We are told to spread the gospel. He doesn’t say how, nor is there a law for those who love. So go ahead, make a copy of your favorite Scripture add some color or a picture to it, then pass it on. Make bookmarks of your favorite Scripture. Use your imagination and spread it any way you can think of. Let Him know you will do whatever He asks of you. We are all to spread the gospel and most of us don’t preach nor sing. But we can let the pure waters flow.

The Bible itself gives us good ideas on how to spread The Word. Everything from binding them and wearing them to posting them upon our gates. Use His ideas or come up with your own. Whatever you can do to do what Jesus tells His to do. Lets spread the gospel and…

Flood America with the clean and pure waters of The Word of God.

May God go with us all


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