The Green Pastures

Jesus said if we follow Him, He would lead us to green pastures. As our Sheppard He will feed and look after us. But what if we don’t follow Him?
God says He will give us green pastures to lay in. So which pasture are you headed for?

Will we sleep in green pastures or feed? If we do nothing, then we sleep until the time for Jesus’ return. We keep dieing. Or we could take up our cross and follow Him.

Our cross is our relationship with God, and our relationship with our fellow men. To have a relationship with God, we do what God says by “keeping His commandments”, the way we are told. We apply them to our hat or headband and a bracelet. Just like it is written. To follow Jesus, we keep His commandments in the same manner. We keep their customs.

But I am here to give you the choice I see God giving us. That is to start doing what He says, the way it is written, and ignore your preachers, or you will die. Leaving your children and grandchildren to fight for themselves in this dog eat dog world. Or we can take up the commandments and fight for our children, and live to help them.

If you don’t join the battle, then to God’s green pastures you will go and await the resurrection.

Our works, we are told are unnecessary. For Jesus did it all. And you are right. He has saved us all. And one day He will teach us and work with us, each in our own order. He has finished the work of our salvation. Life goes on. How do you want your children and grandchildren to live? As slaves to a dictator or worse? Jesus died so we don’t have to. It is a choice. To rest in Him, or work for the welfare of later generations. Remember all things are possible in Him, we could bring heaven to our children. They can have health, happiness, all the things we were to look for. Life, Liberty and happiness.

This is America, this is to be our pursuit …. Will we fail?


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