America’s Health Kick

We’ve all heard it. Turn on the television, hear it on the radio, geez, you’ll run across it on the internet. Eat this, don’t eat that. Fats are bad for you, fats are good for you, no certain fats are good for you. No sugar, no preservations and no non-organic. (By the way, how is food anything but organic?) Add all the diet fads, seems to be a new one every season, and you have a severely health obsessed nation. Yet they claim we Americans are the fattest nation.

Now you must take this in the spirit that it is intended. I’m not calling names, or otherwise denouncing others’ beliefs: We’ve let those who have much power at all convince us that it’s an “us vs. them” world. Once that happened each and every group has sought to destroy the others.

Let’s take the FFRF (Freedom From Religion Foundation) for example. It’s stated purpose is to ensure the separation of church and state. How does the separation of church and state equal suing the small restaurants that wish to offer a discount for praying over a meal or bringing in a church bulletin? Sounds like they are really saying that Christians or other God believers have no right to use their belief in God. Since atheism is registered as a religion, you could see it as an attempt at converting others to the worship of their god of self.

Let’s take a look at the definitions of a cancer and a tumor. First, cancer: noun, a serious illness caused by a group of cells in the body increasing in an uncontrolled way.

Now, tumor: noun, a mass of cells in the body that grows in a way that is not normal.

Looking at these two definitions we can see that America- for all her push for healthy habits- is riddled with cancer. She is sick. The city slickers wish to overtake the country folk, the atheists wish to do the same to the Christians.

Illness, in most countries, is almost always easier to see in the government. It’s too evident when one side, or portion, get bigger than it should. But we are a Republic. Illness for our way of the life will not be easily evident in the government until we are drastically ill.

Organizations that held a good and fair purpose, such as the unions, are getting to be a big invasive mess. College was once considered to be an investment, not necessarily suited to all. That was why there were trade schools. Now you need a college degree to do almost anything. You know it’s gotten bad when one has to graduate high school to flip a hamburger. Remember: a cancer is uncontrolled growth in the cells of our body. Well, we, the people of the United States, are the cells of the great nation. Only by the strengthening of the healthy cells, can we dissolve the mass.

As each organization grows bigger and bigger, our great nation starts to fall under her own weight. Not everyone needs college. Heck we don’t need the labels put upon us to identify our beliefs, our mental status, our political views, etc..

We should stand proud and say that we are Americans. That all we need is our God and our Constitution (the Law of our Father and our Mother). This great nation was born to give all who dwell within her borders a chance to learn and practice their religion. To seek the Life, Liberty and to pursue happiness.

Our ancestors left their homelands to have the opportunity to become what they wanted and not a slave to another. Not to have to bow nor serve any God but One. Now we are allowing our Nation to go back to a system where our children will not have the opportunity to serve their own conscience, let alone their God.

We need to remember that there is honor in any honest work. We don’t have to sell out. It is better to flip a hamburger than to join a organization for no other reason than monetary gain.

Most groups started up with the best of intentions, but they have gotten totally out of control. They no longer stand fast to how or why they were started but will side with whom will benefit them rather than them helping others. They should remember what President Kennedy said in his 1961 inaugural address: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”

There should be no fear of a lawsuit by those who wish to eradicate our God. No more demands that everyone go to college, whether it’s their wish or not. No more of the unions bullying their way into more power. It’s time America begins to heal. She’s been sick for far too long.

Let us take what our founding fathers gave us, our Father’s law, our Mother’s law and begin anew. Display our Father’s law, the Ten Commandments and hold dear to our heart our Constitution and allow our God to help us heal. Teach our foundation to our children so if we fail, maybe they will have what it takes to succeed.

Points: Yes, America is overweight/overburdened, in more ways than one.

Note: You know, in the law of the Old Testament God tells us to trim the light by which we walk every fifty years. Makes one wonder, if we removed everything from the founding fathers signatures from our Constitution, maybe we could see better. What’s the harm in trimming our wick? Getting a new start?
Maybe God’s way is better, maybe if we tried some of them, maybe?