J. Giambrone’s Transfixion

I thought that “The Joshua Effect” would be the only book that I would need to refute. Alas, I was wrong. Mr. Giambrone’s newest work leaves me feeling worried about what it portrays.

Mr. Giambrone is attempting to show us a better way to handle conflict rather than to use the average American solution. He wants to proclaim peace, and not retribution or even “Kill, before you get killed.” Unfortunately, when your life, or the lives of others you care about are put in danger, the American answer is the one that most often comes up, as Kaylee found out.

Much should be handled with care. To tell someone to put a stop to the situation, but don’t kill the person! Is dangerous. As well as it is not biblical. There are crimes in America that wouldn’t be as big of a problem as they are if the punishments lined up with the biblical solutions. Such as laying in wait to commit murder, rape or kidnapping etc. those are all death penalty cases for God. Even God allows for self defense or the defense of another in trouble.

We have been trying to take care of the situation, while leaving the person alive. It’s so far resulted in over crowding in the prisons, and the streets aren’t safe at all anymore.

In “Transfixion,” a signal has gone out over the airwaves that takes control of the population. The affected members of society are turned into killers unable to do any thinking for themselves. Yes, the source of the transmission should be stopped. No, you shouldn’t hamstring your own side in order to avoid killing. Please refer to my post, “Are Things Evil?” for more on the topic.

If you want my opinion, Kaylee should have had some one to talk to after the incident when she killed the female “dupe” in order to save her partner. She hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact we are to help where we can. She might have handled it better, for it is never easy to kill another but after all, to love your neighbor, it is the American Way!

Are Things Evil?

What is evil?
Video games?
Knives or swords?
How about religion or cults?
A computer?
Maybe all these electronics are just spreading evil everywhere. All that evil going into our eyes and ears, up to our brain and through our blood system.

None of the above is anything to worry with for evil comes from the heart of mankind.

All knowledge is power. That power can be used for good or evil. No video game, nor gun or anything else can make anyone kill another. Anything can be used for good or evil, even a eating fork. These things are only tools we use to our will.

Even killing is not necessarily evil. In the Bible, laying in wait to commit murder, rape, kidnapping and selling your brother are all death penalty offences.

It is because we don’t kill the murderers, rapists etc. that our streets have become so dangerous and taxes so high.

Murder is laying in wait, planning and plotting in order to escape justice. It isn’t taking a life by accident nor in defense.

True evil is the heart of one who is power hungry, greedy with covetousness. Normally it is one who is willing to break laws to obtain what they want, when they want it.

So no tool nor thing is evil. But be sure and check, and examine your heart.

Muddied Waters

Many people go to religious works in order to learn what God really means. What God wants from us. They truly wish to learn, to do what God wants, but they should be sent to the one place that has crystal clear waters.

These commentaries, articles and posts just seem to either cause more confusion, due to the tendency to go back to the Greek or Hebrew, or it blatantly contradicts God’s Word. A good dictionary and the Bible would show them more than most any book or article.

Let’s take the Law of God for example. How many times have you been told, or read, that the Law has been done away with? A lot right? Now how many times have you heard that God never changes? So which is it? Has God changed His mind about the Law? Or is all of the religious material muddying the waters to the point that God’s voice is being lost in the effort to clarify it?

God gave us the Bible, our measure of faith, so it could be used and understood in our own languages. There was no need to try for any colloquialisms to explain the meanings. If God was tied to the Hebrew and Greek languages, then there is a hierarchy involved here that He sought to avoid. Jesus wouldn’t tell us not to call anyone Master, then tell us that we had to either learn another language or look up to someone who has. We trust that God knows our language when He gave us His Word.

So get a Bible and find out what God calls His Law (truth, life, light, etc.). While you’re at it, look up the word fulfill in your dictionary. Using these two tools, you can find out what God wants of us. Easy enough to work out, and you don’t really need anyone’s literature.

God Himself spoke His Word, He wrote His Word with His own finger, and then God made His Word flesh.

Finding God’s Word is hard enough in the clear waters. Like looking for a gold nugget. Remember He (God’s Word) comes in the volume of a book–Psalm 40:7.

You tell me, is Jesus among us?