Are Things Evil?

What is evil?
Video games?
Knives or swords?
How about religion or cults?
A computer?
Maybe all these electronics are just spreading evil everywhere. All that evil going into our eyes and ears, up to our brain and through our blood system.

None of the above is anything to worry with for evil comes from the heart of mankind.

All knowledge is power. That power can be used for good or evil. No video game, nor gun or anything else can make anyone kill another. Anything can be used for good or evil, even a eating fork. These things are only tools we use to our will.

Even killing is not necessarily evil. In the Bible, laying in wait to commit murder, rape, kidnapping and selling your brother are all death penalty offences.

It is because we don’t kill the murderers, rapists etc. that our streets have become so dangerous and taxes so high.

Murder is laying in wait, planning and plotting in order to escape justice. It isn’t taking a life by accident nor in defense.

True evil is the heart of one who is power hungry, greedy with covetousness. Normally it is one who is willing to break laws to obtain what they want, when they want it.

So no tool nor thing is evil. But be sure and check, and examine your heart.


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