J. Giambrone’s Transfixion

I thought that “The Joshua Effect” would be the only book that I would need to refute. Alas, I was wrong. Mr. Giambrone’s newest work leaves me feeling worried about what it portrays.

Mr. Giambrone is attempting to show us a better way to handle conflict rather than to use the average American solution. He wants to proclaim peace, and not retribution or even “Kill, before you get killed.” Unfortunately, when your life, or the lives of others you care about are put in danger, the American answer is the one that most often comes up, as Kaylee found out.

Much should be handled with care. To tell someone to put a stop to the situation, but don’t kill the person! Is dangerous. As well as it is not biblical. There are crimes in America that wouldn’t be as big of a problem as they are if the punishments lined up with the biblical solutions. Such as laying in wait to commit murder, rape or kidnapping etc. those are all death penalty cases for God. Even God allows for self defense or the defense of another in trouble.

We have been trying to take care of the situation, while leaving the person alive. It’s so far resulted in over crowding in the prisons, and the streets aren’t safe at all anymore.

In “Transfixion,” a signal has gone out over the airwaves that takes control of the population. The affected members of society are turned into killers unable to do any thinking for themselves. Yes, the source of the transmission should be stopped. No, you shouldn’t hamstring your own side in order to avoid killing. Please refer to my post, “Are Things Evil?” for more on the topic.

If you want my opinion, Kaylee should have had some one to talk to after the incident when she killed the female “dupe” in order to save her partner. She hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact we are to help where we can. She might have handled it better, for it is never easy to kill another but after all, to love your neighbor, it is the American Way!


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