The Ten Commandments

Up until the mid-1950’s, American schools showcased the Ten Commandments. Sometimes they were immortalized in plaques, other times it was on posterboard. Then, Ms. O’Hair came on the scene. On the surface, it would seem that she was acting out of her desire to see all references of God removed from the schools. But, could it be otherwise?

Let me ask you something. Could it be that God used Ms. O’Hair in order to encourage those of us who believe in His Word to bring it home, so to speak? It is a common thread throughout the Bible that God’s Word was for the individual. Yes, there were laws specific to the kings and the priests, but we aren’t talking about those. The Laws God spoke to the whole congregation of Israel, to both man and woman, adult and child, servant and freeman, were the Ten Commandments. These are things we should be applying personally.

Jesus warned us to worry about the log in our own eyes before we start nit-picking other people’s problems. So, all of you who are condemning America for removing God from the schools, answer me something. Do you have God in your home? Have you asked Him to protect your borders? How about your children and your own body?

I’m guessing that at most, you have the Ten Commandments in one room. And that’s if you don’t think that it’ll ruin the décor. Call me cynical, but it seems to me that crosses are easier to beautify.

Well, guess what. God doesn’t say that you have to be blatant about the Ten Commandments. In fact, Jesus condemned the Pharisees over the showy aspects of their faith. All God says you should do is to bind the Ten Commandments and wear them on your head and hand, to stick them to your doorposts, and even to your gates. This idea means that nobody has to know. It becomes something private between you and your God.

That amount of privacy means that you can look like you are just wearing a cap or hat, but you would have God watching your thoughts. It may appear that you’re wearing a wristband in support of fighting a certain disease, but you have God watching out for you. That pretty doily on a table, just might be hiding the Ten Commandments.

You see, it’s not that hard to hide God’s Word in your house, or on your body. That means no atheist can grouse over the Ten Commandments being in public. Plus, God may be willing to reward you for your private worship.

Before you say that if you can’t read the Ten Commandments then what good are they, let’s consider something. Is there any sane person who thinks that just because you can’t see a virus, germ, or bacteria with the naked eye, they become harmless? This is part of God rewarding in public that which He sees in secret. Publicity, in this area, is vastly overrated. Viruses can be deadly and you can’t see them. Why can’t God’s Word heal in the same minutiae? And if your preacher says that you don’t have to do the Old Testament, just drop the tithes one week and see if he changes his tune.