Our Forty Day and Forty Night Fast

Since we are to do what we see our fathers do, I was wondering if you have tried their fast yet? You don’t know? Well, both Jesus and Moses, they had a forty day and night fast. But, we know we will die if we were to try it, right?

Well no, we can follow in our fathers’ footsteps and do as they do, if we are in the spirit of our fathers.

So how do we fast forty days and nights without ending in the hospital or morgue?

Remember in Joshua where God turned two days into one? He never changed it. It’s what we call am and pm. Our day starts at midnight. So from midnight ‘til daylight is the first morning of day one, then from daylight ‘til noon is second morning. Likewise from noon ‘til dusk is the first evening, and from dusk ‘til midnight is the second.

So, if you were to pick the first evening and the first morning, then you would fast from noon ‘til dusk and midnight ‘til dawn. Or you can use the second etc.. So we can eat and drink every day and yet keep the customs of our fathers. But no cheating, you have to pick either the firsts or the seconds. No picking the second evening and first morning. How would you be denying yourself at all in this case?

Following the customs is not that hard. Our problem is that we allowed our flesh lead us. But once you “put on Jesus”, then Scripture opens up to you.

So get in Him and learn His ways. America needs to learn from the Father and help heal us all.

May we all be found in Him


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