Seal, Mark, or Sign

I am not one who likes to use fear in order to get people to see or do what I think they should do.

So, being a simple but to the point kinda person that I am, I will state it like I see it and let you react in the manner you think appropriate.

Fist let’s see the difference between the seal, mark and sign.

Seal–This would be the Ten Commandments themselves.

Mark–This is something that is forced upon you or someone else. There is no choice in the matter.

Sign–This is something that you choose to put upon yourself! This is key, you made the choice.

So you see, no reason to fear. People just need to act now and apply the seal they want before they receive the mark of the beast. Act now, while you have a choice, or wait and it will be made for you by the beast. Not a problem.

Remember the seal of God is the whole Ten Commandments, bound and placed in a pocket or hem. We make what we call leaves. Just a knitted or crocheted work big enough to hold the Ten Commandments. Then it can be tied onto anything or anyone.

Also know that most people tend to want to shorten or change the Ten Commandments. DO NOT DO THIS! Add nothing to nor take anything from the Commandments. I use a cut and paste as to make no mistakes. has a good copy from the King James translation. Choose King James (it’s out of copyright, public domain, you can’t get in trouble for using it’s verses.) and then look up Exodus 20:2-17.

Seal your family, house, stuff etc.. Give everything to God by tagging everything. Leave the beast nothing.

If you don’t believe in God, kindly disregard this article/site.

Making Money with Jesus, The Word

A simple way to make money is by spreading The Word. Not your word, nor part His and part yours. Just His.

Some preach, some sing, but it isn’t pure. We need to spread God’s Word in every form we can. You know these tables that sell books etc. at most every church? Well, why don’t we just learn to spread God’s Word in the same manner. We shouldn’t have to go to the bookstore to buy a Bible. And since they took God out of the schools, why can’t wristbands be made for our children to wear. Just because they take Him out of schools and off most public property doesn’t mean that God can’t go with us and our families wherever we go.

God’s Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, any Scripture can be bound and worn. His Words are spirit and they are life, so we allow the Spirit to cover America. Either in book form or in bound form, or maybe placed in a picture frame. A lot can be done with the Word of God.

Since there is no law on love, then we can do what God recommended Israel do. After all, we aren’t working for our salvation. That’s already been paid for, we are just trying to show our Heavenly Father that we love Him. We need His help to protect our children, and homes. Simply bind The Word and wear it. As well, bind it and put it upon things.

Don’t get me wrong. Preaching is necessary, and much of the singing is great. But sometimes just the pure Word is needed. Like today, we need His Spirit spread everywhere, before the spirit of the world overtakes us.

Preach it, teach it, sing it, bind it, post it, spread it in every manner one can think of. Sell it, gift it. Get The Word out.