Such a Sore Subject in America, Gun Control!

Many of us refuse to see the big picture. Some think with their heart (leftist), others with their minds (right). We feel for those who fall victom to guns, violence etc.. Yet, some of us still see the need to keep our guns as we see our rights, our decisions fade into the government’s control.

As the government takes control of our lives, some seek to slow or even stop the progress.

To be honest, we have a government that has reached waaay beyond what they were hired to do.The government is taking the states’ rights, individual rights, consuming power they were never meant to have. Many of us are just giving the government our power. It is WE THE PEOPLE, not a dictator, nor tyrant’s right to remove our rights. Be it gun control, birth control etc.. There are some decisions we must all make individually. They don’t belong to the government. We, like no other nation, we the people, not the government, were given the power. We shouldn’t give up that which was fought and died for by our fathers.

If one worries about how many die from guns, check our wars. How many have died there? Yet the government arms them and sends our children to die in foregn lands. Does the President go fight with ’em? Does he send his own children?

Let me ask you, if we give up all our guns and then one comes who abuses his power, who stands up for our rights then? We, being totally unarmed, can simply be led right into camps, death or work. What stops those who think they know better than you from taking everything you own? Enslaving your children, leaving you with nothing but grief, looking forward to death?

Don’t claim it won’t happen here in America, Rome was once a strong nation, said the same thing, yet those who didn’t die, lost it all, as did many other nations. If we think we are to “good” to lose it all, then our God needs to seriouly humble us. Which, He may be doing.

We have to find a middle road. We cannot let all power fall into the hands of one man, no matter who he is. Even Jesus separated power between twelve men. We cannot go too far to the left, nor right. There is a middle road. Now, more than ever, we need people who can think with both the mind and heart. We can’t be all laws, and we can’t play the pity card continually. Our heart and mind must come together to make decisions for ourselves and our nation.

Let’s not forget that not only did our Founding Fathers arm us, but so did our God. So keep your guns, and keep the Commandments. The Ten Commandments are your armour, when kept as instructed in Deuteronomy 11:18. So arm yourself with The arms given by our spiritual Father as well as those given us by our Founding Fathers. It seems we are going to need all the help we can get.

We will be either controlled by morals or by bayonets.

May God go with us all as we fight to keep our inheritance.

Can We Reach a Higher Standard?

Why do most people, who have received the blessing of God, claim proudly that they don’t have to do anything God says? Do we really get blessings without having some requirement attached?

I have a hard time understanding why they don’t want the counsel of God. I hear the complaints of people who don’t want to better themselves. They are happy with who and what they are and want us to accept them the way they are. Yet, they complain of others, those whose manners, morals etc. are not up to their standards. And then demand that others grow up, act better and stop the bad manners and attitude.

If you, yourselves, are not trying to improve who you are, then you have no right to demand anyone to try and better themselves.

As Americans, most believe many who are now coming to America are coming for no other reason but to steal, kill, and destroy. They seem to want no part of our way of life. And, you can say that they are right, but we have shown God, repeatedly, that we don’t want a better way of life as well. Do people become the head of a company without working for that position? No more than we get better standards or habits without working them consistently into our lives.

If one isn’t going to even try to live by the standard of a country, I don’t believe they should be able to enter the country. So if you hope to enter God’s Kingdom and refuse His standard, do you think He will let you in to destroy His way of life?

Many see America as a place of refuge. A place to go for help in a time of turmoil in their own country. Ever wonder where people will go if America is no more? If the world overtakes America what becomes of our children? Do we leave them to be tortured, mutilated, raped, beheaded, thrown from rooftops? Where will our children go when their lives are endangered? Will we leave them with no hope? Would you want to leave your family at the mercy of their invaders?

Even if you can’t, yet, say as David, “Oh God how I love thy Law,” can you not seek a better way? God’s ways are better than ours. Our ways may be better than a lot of the ways of the world, but I do believe our ways are not up to God’s standard. We have room to grow. Most know we are not perfect. But just because we aren’t yet perfect, does that give us the excuse we need to stop trying?

So what can we do? First thing is we need to stop seeking, pleading with politicians and churches to help us. Believe it or not our Founding Fathers left us, the people, with the power to change things. It isn’t the government that will give us the wisdom, nor ways to do what needs done, but God.

Those who say no one is perfect, say such things as if it is their excuse to sit around and do nothing. Yet they blame everyone else: the government, people who aren’t up to their standard etc.. There are those who are perfect, and they can teach us. They are willing to help us if we would only seek their counsel.

If you need any other reason to try to live up to God’s standards, you need to remember something. God has turned a nation’s enemies against them when they refuse to seek Him and turn their nose up to His ways. As we all know, history repeats itself. Oh, the names might change but the consequences will remain the same. So the question is: how many will fall off the cliff before we change our course? For the sake of your family, for the sake of America, seek God with your whole heart. (Psst: that means using the whole Bible, including the Old Testament.)

America Needs Help

America is dieing. Her circulation has slowed to almost nil. The circulation system needs blood and oxygen. There needs to be a symbiotic relationship between the two. They must work together, supporting each other. If either side fails, so does the whole system.

Money is America’s circulatory system. If money is the blood of America, it must circulate continually in order for Her to be healthy.

How did it get this way then? How did the circulation stop?

First America produced gold, so gold backed our money. The gold ran out so we turned to oil, coal etc.. Because of all the laws, rules and regulations that production is drying up. We still have our own oil and coal, we just can’t mine or drill for it. What next America? Lettuce? Can’t we find anything we have worth more?

But things didn’t just run out. The government hoards the gold, then backs the money with oil. Then people hoard the money, so the government makes more to keep us alive a bit longer. The greedy have created too many blood clots for America to survive. Our only hope is a blood transfusion.

Money needs something of value to back it. Without that value, people get afraid to use what they have. America’s money was first backed by gold. When that failed, we then backed it with oil. Now a days it is backed by nothing. Meaning your money is useless.

We need something of great value to back the paper money. Something that cannot be hoarded. Something that can be produced by the body, not just an arm or the head etc.. Something that is based in a power that cannot be corrupted.

The body produced the gold. It was the body producing the oil. Because of all the laws, rules, regulations etc. against us, America has quit producing most everything, anything. In the name of political correctness, and anti-colonialism, we have stopped producing in order to let someone else make money.

As slow as things are moving, America doesn’t have much time. America will die unless we can start producing again. The question is, what are we going to produce? Or do we just lay the collective life of America down, so tyrants can hoard more wealth and bring even more tyranny to our children and grandchildren?

We were told to heal ourselves. If we really want to help the world overcome tyranny then we must first help ourselves.

As we have all heard, our value system is, well, really messed up. What do you have that you see as the greatest value? Think big, we are all in this together. If the ship sinks, so do you.

If you knew you only had another day to live what would you be sure and leave your children and grandchildren? If you want them blessed as America has been, wouldn’t you leave them the same thing your Fathers blessed you with?

We as Americans have the greatest gifts our Father could give. Both our heavenly Father and our Founding Fathers left us with all we need. You’ve heard it said, we need to go back to the Ten Commandments and Constitution. And so it is.

Our Constitution is the blood of this nation. Some know it by “the law of our Mother.” It is the first thing we produced, the strongest and has lasted thus long. Longer than gold or oil or even lettuce.

We then need the oxygen. What better than the very breath of God? When we put those spoken words into our Constitution, we can breath new life into America.

You see, money being the blood means the whole body needs to produce blood. It will never work if just part of a body produces. If just a hand or even the head produce, the body won’t make it.

Our government has made it illegal for us to produce the blood or the air. So what is our hope?

The perfect money system is God’s Word and our Constitution. Both can be produced and distributed. Our hope then is in our God to back His Word. Do you have faith enough in Him? I do, but I know that He is the only power that man cannot corrupt. It helps that He is true to His Word, also.

So we take The Ten Commandments, and then place our Constitution under them. We call ourselves ‘One Nation Under God.’ And use it as a new circulatory system. We print it, and pass it around. There are further instructions in the other articles on this blog. Have a look around. Leave a comment if you have a question, because you aren’t the only one to have that question. It’s time we stop just worrying about ourselves, and start worrying about the state of our nation and the next generations.

Anger. Do We Just Let It Out?

There is an old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing at all.”

Today people seem to speak their minds and throw out some of the nastiest things. Makes one wonder if these people have ever heard, “better to be thought a fool than to speak up and prove it.”

There is a lot good come from some of these sayings. Maybe some people should try some of them. Like my Mother used to ask, “Are you mad?” Of course I was stupid enough to say yes, her response was, “you have the same clothes to get glad in”. Never tell Dad you were mad or upset. He would put you to work until you were so tired there wasn’t enough energy to be upset.

I found that a lot of hard work will release a lot of bad emotions. The phrase, “get a job,” means you have too much time on your hands if you get offended continually, or easily.

Remember what God tells us, “from the heart, the mouth speaks.” Or even the advice, or–if you would prefer–counsel, of James about the bitter and sweet waters from the same fountain.

Put some thought behind your words and be sure to work off anything that will harm another.