Such a Sore Subject in America, Gun Control!

Many of us refuse to see the big picture. Some think with their heart (leftist), others with their minds (right). We feel for those who fall victom to guns, violence etc.. Yet, some of us still see the need to keep our guns as we see our rights, our decisions fade into the government’s control.

As the government takes control of our lives, some seek to slow or even stop the progress.

To be honest, we have a government that has reached waaay beyond what they were hired to do.The government is taking the states’ rights, individual rights, consuming power they were never meant to have. Many of us are just giving the government our power. It is WE THE PEOPLE, not a dictator, nor tyrant’s right to remove our rights. Be it gun control, birth control etc.. There are some decisions we must all make individually. They don’t belong to the government. We, like no other nation, we the people, not the government, were given the power. We shouldn’t give up that which was fought and died for by our fathers.

If one worries about how many die from guns, check our wars. How many have died there? Yet the government arms them and sends our children to die in foregn lands. Does the President go fight with ’em? Does he send his own children?

Let me ask you, if we give up all our guns and then one comes who abuses his power, who stands up for our rights then? We, being totally unarmed, can simply be led right into camps, death or work. What stops those who think they know better than you from taking everything you own? Enslaving your children, leaving you with nothing but grief, looking forward to death?

Don’t claim it won’t happen here in America, Rome was once a strong nation, said the same thing, yet those who didn’t die, lost it all, as did many other nations. If we think we are to “good” to lose it all, then our God needs to seriouly humble us. Which, He may be doing.

We have to find a middle road. We cannot let all power fall into the hands of one man, no matter who he is. Even Jesus separated power between twelve men. We cannot go too far to the left, nor right. There is a middle road. Now, more than ever, we need people who can think with both the mind and heart. We can’t be all laws, and we can’t play the pity card continually. Our heart and mind must come together to make decisions for ourselves and our nation.

Let’s not forget that not only did our Founding Fathers arm us, but so did our God. So keep your guns, and keep the Commandments. The Ten Commandments are your armour, when kept as instructed in Deuteronomy 11:18. So arm yourself with The arms given by our spiritual Father as well as those given us by our Founding Fathers. It seems we are going to need all the help we can get.

We will be either controlled by morals or by bayonets.

May God go with us all as we fight to keep our inheritance.


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