Spreading the Faith?

We have been told millions of times to spread our faith. To let our light shine. Yet, how are we to do that? It has gotten to where if you try to tell someone about Jesus, they turn a deaf ear. We have all heard it so many times, we are no longer interested in the stories of Jesus.

People are leaving the churches. They have heard it all. So if we don’t preach, if we can’t sing, how are we to help those of little or no faith to keep going until Jesus returns?

It all goes back to it being everyone’s duty as a Christian to spread the gospel. To show their faith, act out their faith etc.. So our big question is how?

We are Americans, we are creative, we are industrial, we always rise to the occasion. We do what we deem necessary to conquer our problems. So let me start with some of the answers as to how to spread the gospel without preaching, nor singing.

We have begun to print the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ as well as prayers from the Bible, or blessing, or encouraging words, all from the Word of God, then binding them and sewing them into things we make. Sometimes, we buy things people need or want, and sew them into whatever we can get our hands on.

Other times, we print blessing, or prayers etc. and place them in picture frames and place them where needed. Children’s rooms. Elderly people’s rooms.

We make cards to encourage people to continue in the faith. We do what we can think of or afford to do. Come on people, share your faith, give a gift of life, or sprit to one in need, for Jesus tells us His words are spirit and they are life–John 6:63. Let’s spread His spirit across America and see if we can beat back the evil approaching us from every orifice.

Following the Customs of Jesus

Jesus tells us that His words are “Spirit and they are life.” This should be eye-opening to everyone. Spirit, to most of us, is something that we think we can’t see, like a ghost or something. Then, we have spirit as in everyone in harmony. More like a ball game or concert, etc.

But, now if we can begin to see spirit as a word or words that can put us in harmony with one another, then we can–I don’t know–kind of mortar ourselves back together.

The world has divided us to the point, some of us are ready to turn arms on one another. They have labeled us, dividing us, to the point where we are hurting ourselves, and not the enemy.

I have a few questions. Did President Thomas Jefferson have the right idea when he captured the words of Jesus? He bound the spoken words of Jesus in a book, to spread the spirit of Jesus. {He didn’t have a computer in order to bind all those words to the point they can be worn.} But today, we do.

Then we have the spirit of America. What is that? Those words that have held us together for more that two hundred years. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

So, do you think if we were to take the spirit of Jesus, or the spirit of America, maybe even both, and “put on” that spirit, allow it to lead us, couldn’t we all become one again?

What if we do keep the words of Jesus, like Jesus kept His Father’s? What if true Americans wore their words, those words that our Founding Fathers blessed us with? What if we kept the custom of Jesus and wore the blessings of both? Couldn’t we come together and make America great again? Strong enough in our faith in our country‘s foundation, to stand against any and all enemies?

Keeping the customs of Jesus by wearing the blessings, may be the answer that America is looking for.

Hey! If we put Jesus’ words above our Founding Documents, we could call it “One Nation Under God,” that is if you see Jesus as God.

May every American be found with the blessings upon our heads.

Fight. Every Christian has to fight. But, first put the Spirit of Jesus on to protect you. And our Founding Fathers’ words to help us stand.