Separation of Church and State?

Many of us think there should be separation between church and state. And I would agree with you in part. Let me explain. I see Jesus as King, which would put Him over the state. And I see Jesus as Priest, which would put Him over the church. It’s not that one handles religion and the other must stay away and out of their churches etc.. But each had their job to do and one should not try to do the other.

But, in either position they each have an important job to do. The Government should believe in Jesus, as does the church. It isn’t for the Government to overtake the churches, no more than any church should overtake the government.

No single church should run the government as the government should never run the church. So you see, I believe our children should be taught the Ten Commandments in school. Just as well they need instruction on the Constitution. Those writings that made America should be given to our children. The Law of their Mother, as well as the Commandments of their Heavenly Father, should be well known by every adult.

Those who serve us should know Jesus, some as King, some as Priest. And everyone should come to know Jesus personally.

Teach your children what made America great, teach them to cling to it, and teach their children, and every generation after them. May what made America great remain forever in the hearts and minds of all who dwell therein. Amen.

Returning the Love and Respect Given Us

Is God focused on perfection? And if so, is it physical, spiritual, or both? If you’ve read the laws in the first five books of the Bible, the five books of Moses, it does appear as if God was obsessed with physical perfection. Is that really true though? Can those obsessed with the ideas of a ‘master race’ be right? I think we may have missed the glaringly obvious.

How many times have you heard that The Ten Commandments deal with our relationship with God, and our relationship with our neighbor? If you live in the “Bible Belt,” it’s a lot. Now for the glaringly obvious. If the greatest laws of God’s kingdom, The Ten Commandments, deal with respect for God and respect for your fellow man, then wouldn’t the rest of God’s laws follow suit?

You see, the rest of the laws in the Books of Moses expand upon The Ten Commandments. So, we need to look at these laws within that framework.

Let’s not get into the sexual laws. These laws tend to anger people for the fact that God doesn’t like certain lifestyle choices, and I’m not getting into any fights. If you have a problem, take it up with God.

If we take God’s guidelines for the priestly line, you’ll notice a similar vein running through it. If you have pimples, you are either too young to be a temple priest, or you might be sick. Hunchbacks were either too old to be serving, or it was a bad back. Do you remember what was a t stake for a temple-priest? There was a lot of lifting, hauling, burning, cleaning, and otherwise strenuous labor. God’s guidelines had it so that only those in the prime of their lives, at the peak of their strength could be temple-priests. The others could always volunteer, but they wouldn’t risk their lives trying to haul slabs of beef and oxen around.

Even the fact that God advises women to stay in their father’s house until they are married, is a sign of respect. God is trying to tell women that there are some sneaky boys out there that will take advantage of a single woman.

Just remember that God is not a man. And, unlike men, God follows His own law. God wouldn’t tell us to not respect one person over another, and then do so Himself. He does things a certain way for our benefit, just like any loving Father would. Maybe it’s time we start viewing those laws in the proper manner. It’s like Momma and Daddy telling you to stay in the yard. Besides, Jesus brought His expansion to The Ten Commandments to an even higher standard. When you do things out of love for God and your fellow man, you do them with respect.

When you love someone, you will try to please them. God wants us to have a pleasant life. It’s time we start returning that love.


What is depression? Is it just the blues we all seem to get every now and then? Is it a problem that a few of us have to be hospitalized for? Is it just the wrong spirit talking?

What if I told you that it was a rather simple problem? You’ve heard it before. God has called each of us for a purpose. You have your purpose, and I have mine. I believe most of us know what our purposes are. But, if you don’t, you have to talk to God to find out. It seems to me that most, if not all, cases of depression come about for a few simple reasons. One: you may not be following your calling. Or two: you might be straying from your path.

Let’s start with one. There are several reasons that you aren’t following your path. There’s the ones aspect of self-doubt. This one is easier to solve in thought, than in deed. You have to remember that if God is for you, who can stand against you. Like I said, it’s easier to think or say this. Actually remembering it takes a lot of work.

Another reason that you might not be following your calling has two or more different views. An outside force is stopping you, or more likely stalling you. This can be found in family members, and is usually done with the innocent thought of protecting you. This one is usually a stall, and if you show that you have a back-up plan, they usually relent. If not, they may have their own plans for your life, and that one you’ll have to take up with God.

Another stall can come from your lack of education. This is the easiest to fix. Gain education. Simple right? Just remember to educate yourself towards your calling, and not towards the Kardashians.

That leaves our stop, or attempted stop. These are people who don’t want you to succeed. This can only be solved by finding a way to carry on while the world seems against you. It won’t make you feel any better to know that these people are usually afraid that you’ll take their place in the spotlight.

Now that we’ve faced the path to our calling, how do we keep from straying from it. Well, you don’t. Sometimes straying from your calling is more of a learning journey. The true danger is in never returning to the path.

We’ve seen people like this. They know what their callings are, and yet, they have gotten stuck on a side journey. They have lost the light that was leading them on along their paths. Jesus is there, trying to pull them back, yet they don’t move for any number of reasons.

Here’s the hard part. If you find yourself in this situation, one way or another, you have to get back on track. If you don’t, you’ll just get bitter.

I know, you’ll find all sorts of reasons why you should stay where you are. The thing is, most of those reasons will be born of fear. Your calling is from God. If He is with you, who can stop you, other than yourself.

God wants us to succeed in our callings. His is out there, trying to lead us on our paths. Sometimes we get too eager and run ahead, leaving us discouraged, so we have to run back to the Light. Other times, we get distracted by the ‘shinies,’ so we have to run to catch up. Yes, He’ll lead us down side-roads so we can learn our crafts, we just have to learn to keep following Him back to the main road. If we do all this, then depression won’t be able to retain it’s hold over us. I won’t promise that you’ll never be depressed. After all, we are children in God’s eyes. And anyone who has spent any length of time with children knows how easy it is for a child to wander off.