The Law of the Land

It seems people think in order to please God we have to do every one of His laws or O.T.. I want to try and bring it home and gain more understanding. I live in America, so I will use Her as an example. There is no one who can do all the laws of any nation or kingdom. They are required to do the laws that apply to what they do. Say you want to drive a car, any law written that applies to drivers would apply to you. But if you are not a driver, then those laws aren’t for you. There are laws that apply to all citizens. Things like: don’t kill others, don’t steal etc.. These laws we all hold in common.

Okay so we know not all laws apply to us all. God’s laws pretty much work in the same manner. The priestly laws belong to the priests. Likewise, the laws for the kings–or government–belongs to them. Those laws are not for us. We are called the children of God, or citizens of His Kingdom, so we find the laws that apply to us all and those are the ones we learn and do. We leave God’s law to God to do and we do our part.

Ever notice that Jesus didn’t practice the priesthood nor the kingly laws of God while He walked the earth? He submitted to the leader or king. He didn’t do any priestly job. Yet He kept the things they all had in common. The law of the land and the law of His Father.

So, today we would do the same. We obey God by doing the things He ask of His children and we keep the Constitution, the law of the land, or the law of our mother. And of course we apply any law of America that applies to us, mainly what the Founding Fathers gifted us.

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