J. Giambrone’s Transfixion

I thought that “The Joshua Effect” would be the only book that I would need to refute. Alas, I was wrong. Mr. Giambrone’s newest work leaves me feeling worried about what it portrays.

Mr. Giambrone is attempting to show us a better way to handle conflict rather than to use the average American solution. He wants to proclaim peace, and not retribution or even “Kill, before you get killed.” Unfortunately, when your life, or the lives of others you care about are put in danger, the American answer is the one that most often comes up, as Kaylee found out.

Much should be handled with care. To tell someone to put a stop to the situation, but don’t kill the person! Is dangerous. As well as it is not biblical. There are crimes in America that wouldn’t be as big of a problem as they are if the punishments lined up with the biblical solutions. Such as laying in wait to commit murder, rape or kidnapping etc. those are all death penalty cases for God. Even God allows for self defense or the defense of another in trouble.

We have been trying to take care of the situation, while leaving the person alive. It’s so far resulted in over crowding in the prisons, and the streets aren’t safe at all anymore.

In “Transfixion,” a signal has gone out over the airwaves that takes control of the population. The affected members of society are turned into killers unable to do any thinking for themselves. Yes, the source of the transmission should be stopped. No, you shouldn’t hamstring your own side in order to avoid killing. Please refer to my post, “Are Things Evil?” for more on the topic.

If you want my opinion, Kaylee should have had some one to talk to after the incident when she killed the female “dupe” in order to save her partner. She hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact we are to help where we can. She might have handled it better, for it is never easy to kill another but after all, to love your neighbor, it is the American Way!

The Joshua Effect by P.S. Meronek

My review and Rebuttal

After reading blurbs on different book sites, this one sounded like a cross between a amateur detective mystery, and a cozy mystery. But this is not even close to what we got.

The whole idea is that of a billionaire finding out what happened to his friends and tower. Simple, huh? It should’ve been a fun read where the bad guys got what was coming to them.

My first problem came with Charlie, one of the main characters. She thought she was Little Miss Perfect, or something. Everyone had to change around her. Living for her was having something worth, literally dying for. I have something worth dying for, my family for instance; it doesn’t mean that I want to get shot at to prove it. Plus, the little idiot was a woman who thought she would go wherever her boyfriend went, without considering that she endangered more lives at that time. He had bodyguards and she asked them to pull double duty in order to soothe her ego. Anyone who will use leaving as leverage to get what they want has some real problems in life. She was the one that needed to change her ways rather than worrying about his.

Jonathan Strickland was another problem. It was as if Mr Meronek didn’t know how he wanted to portray the man. One moment we were celebrating the fact he was rich, the next moment, he’s being portrayed as selfish and greedy, unable to understand that people were important as well.

The things that bothered me the most were the facts he saw himself more as a world citizen, and held no real patriotism, the fact that he apologized for America (I wish they would quit apologizing for me) as well as the fact he felt he could play the part of a CEO of America.

Americans don’t really like the fact that the President can just appoint people to certain positions, how much less are they going to trust an appointee made by a business man?

America was just trashed in this novel. Our people were condemned for our tastes in entertainment, for starters. It was the #1 reason the main extremist gave, of our movies are fairly violent. However, if you notice most of that violence is the hero trying to stop the villains. Americans have always been more action oriented, and action films and novels are known for their fast pace, explosions, and mostly for their strict delineations of good and evil.

The other place America got hit at was her people. The American people were split between the them (government) and us (the laymen). The government was seen as conniving people who were willing to terrorize not only the third world countries, but their own citizens in order to make a buck.

The citizens were willing to murder their leaders in fear of the next strike. Now let’s be honest, with the exception of the looter-personalities, I don’t see America just shattering during times of extreme stress or crisis. We didn’t fold on 9/11 nor Katrina etc.. Be it natural disasters, man-made disasters, or even terrorist plots, we’ve made a habit of coming together when things get rough.

We also tend to turn to God more often than to money!

Most of these problems were caused by a liberal viewpoint. Don’t take this to mean that I am totally against liberalism. Liberalism and conservatism are just two sides of the same coin. The heart and the mind respectively, if you will. There is a middle road and this novel fell off the bridge to the left.

Mr. Meronek is a good storyteller. Maybe he can bring the next novel more into the lines of fiction, and not ideology.
Good luck on the next novel, and try to find that middle road. Good try, I’ll be awaiting the next effort.

The Bible – A Love Letter

The Bible – A Love Letter

Click to access The-Bible-a-Love-Letter.pdf

I liked this article and it is how I see the Bible.
But again I need to express the fact that not everyone has the time to spend reading the Bible daily. Times are hard and most of us have a full day’s work ahead of us.

I always thought that is why we paid the preachers. So that we can take care of the work, and they can tell us what God wants us to do. Nowhere in the Bible is it written ‘thou shall read this book daily.’ God knows we are in a mess. Doing double time so to speak. What is His solution? Simply take His Word with you wherever you go, do all you do in The Word.

And no, you don’t have to take the whole Bible, just The Word of God. You know those He spoke, those He wrote, the Ten Commandments. And God can speak to you because He tells us in Proverbs 6:20-23 that His Word speaks to us.

I think the churches have failed us here. We were never told how to hear from God for ourselves. That we can spend hours in His presence and not have to sit over a Bible. But to go about our day doing what we do, doing all we do in The Word.

Oh, and if you want eyes to see, take along with you Jesus’ commandments as well.

May God go with us all.

The 10 Suggestions of God?

The 10 Suggestions of God
by Gary Kurz

This too is a good article.

I agree with Mr. Kurz when he states that God gave us the Commandments for our own good. They belong to God, and He freely gave them to us so that we can find what we need to make it through this life. And remember, we were separated from God until the death of His Son. So because of His sacrifice, we have access to The Word of God.

There is a lot that can be said about the Ten Commandments.
Think over this one:
God spoke the Ten Commandments (Rhema Word)
God wrote the Ten Commandments (Logos Word)
And God made His Word flesh (Jesus?)

Makes John 1:1-3 make more sense.
The Word of God is the only thing that God gave us that is eternal. What if we took that which is eternal and put it on that which is mortal?

May God go with us all.

Christian Faith-vs-Religious Works


This article is true. It all started with faith when you ask Jesus, or God for help and faith, or “Jesus” was placed in your heart. No evidence. Just something between you and your God. But these days we need more. Our salvation is sure.

We were given a measure of faith, or Bibles. It is what we do with it that will help us in the coming days. Some hard days are here and they seem to only be getting worse. We, who have faith, just need to learn to use it.

We were told to share the gospel, all of us. Not just the preachers, or singers, but even we who cannot give a speech or hold a tune. So our problem is how?

Some people frame their favorite Scripture and give as a gift to another. Maybe a healing Scripture to one who is ill. Some people bind Scripture and sew them into garments, bedding, etc.. Gifting a blanket with a protection Scripture to a homeless person etc..

So though this author is correct in his statements, there is still a lot of work we could do, that isn’t being done.

May God go with us all.