Can We Reach a Higher Standard?

Why do most people, who have received the blessing of God, claim proudly that they don’t have to do anything God says? Do we really get blessings without having some requirement attached?

I have a hard time understanding why they don’t want the counsel of God. I hear the complaints of people who don’t want to better themselves. They are happy with who and what they are and want us to accept them the way they are. Yet, they complain of others, those whose manners, morals etc. are not up to their standards. And then demand that others grow up, act better and stop the bad manners and attitude.

If you, yourselves, are not trying to improve who you are, then you have no right to demand anyone to try and better themselves.

As Americans, most believe many who are now coming to America are coming for no other reason but to steal, kill, and destroy. They seem to want no part of our way of life. And, you can say that they are right, but we have shown God, repeatedly, that we don’t want a better way of life as well. Do people become the head of a company without working for that position? No more than we get better standards or habits without working them consistently into our lives.

If one isn’t going to even try to live by the standard of a country, I don’t believe they should be able to enter the country. So if you hope to enter God’s Kingdom and refuse His standard, do you think He will let you in to destroy His way of life?

Many see America as a place of refuge. A place to go for help in a time of turmoil in their own country. Ever wonder where people will go if America is no more? If the world overtakes America what becomes of our children? Do we leave them to be tortured, mutilated, raped, beheaded, thrown from rooftops? Where will our children go when their lives are endangered? Will we leave them with no hope? Would you want to leave your family at the mercy of their invaders?

Even if you can’t, yet, say as David, “Oh God how I love thy Law,” can you not seek a better way? God’s ways are better than ours. Our ways may be better than a lot of the ways of the world, but I do believe our ways are not up to God’s standard. We have room to grow. Most know we are not perfect. But just because we aren’t yet perfect, does that give us the excuse we need to stop trying?

So what can we do? First thing is we need to stop seeking, pleading with politicians and churches to help us. Believe it or not our Founding Fathers left us, the people, with the power to change things. It isn’t the government that will give us the wisdom, nor ways to do what needs done, but God.

Those who say no one is perfect, say such things as if it is their excuse to sit around and do nothing. Yet they blame everyone else: the government, people who aren’t up to their standard etc.. There are those who are perfect, and they can teach us. They are willing to help us if we would only seek their counsel.

If you need any other reason to try to live up to God’s standards, you need to remember something. God has turned a nation’s enemies against them when they refuse to seek Him and turn their nose up to His ways. As we all know, history repeats itself. Oh, the names might change but the consequences will remain the same. So the question is: how many will fall off the cliff before we change our course? For the sake of your family, for the sake of America, seek God with your whole heart. (Psst: that means using the whole Bible, including the Old Testament.)


Anger. Do We Just Let It Out?

There is an old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, then say nothing at all.”

Today people seem to speak their minds and throw out some of the nastiest things. Makes one wonder if these people have ever heard, “better to be thought a fool than to speak up and prove it.”

There is a lot good come from some of these sayings. Maybe some people should try some of them. Like my Mother used to ask, “Are you mad?” Of course I was stupid enough to say yes, her response was, “you have the same clothes to get glad in”. Never tell Dad you were mad or upset. He would put you to work until you were so tired there wasn’t enough energy to be upset.

I found that a lot of hard work will release a lot of bad emotions. The phrase, “get a job,” means you have too much time on your hands if you get offended continually, or easily.

Remember what God tells us, “from the heart, the mouth speaks.” Or even the advice, or–if you would prefer–counsel, of James about the bitter and sweet waters from the same fountain.

Put some thought behind your words and be sure to work off anything that will harm another.

Seal, Mark, or Sign

I am not one who likes to use fear in order to get people to see or do what I think they should do.

So, being a simple but to the point kinda person that I am, I will state it like I see it and let you react in the manner you think appropriate.

Fist let’s see the difference between the seal, mark and sign.

Seal–This would be the Ten Commandments themselves.

Mark–This is something that is forced upon you or someone else. There is no choice in the matter.

Sign–This is something that you choose to put upon yourself! This is key, you made the choice.

So you see, no reason to fear. People just need to act now and apply the seal they want before they receive the mark of the beast. Act now, while you have a choice, or wait and it will be made for you by the beast. Not a problem.

Remember the seal of God is the whole Ten Commandments, bound and placed in a pocket or hem. We make what we call leaves. Just a knitted or crocheted work big enough to hold the Ten Commandments. Then it can be tied onto anything or anyone.

Also know that most people tend to want to shorten or change the Ten Commandments. DO NOT DO THIS! Add nothing to nor take anything from the Commandments. I use a cut and paste as to make no mistakes. has a good copy from the King James translation. Choose King James (it’s out of copyright, public domain, you can’t get in trouble for using it’s verses.) and then look up Exodus 20:2-17.

Seal your family, house, stuff etc.. Give everything to God by tagging everything. Leave the beast nothing.

If you don’t believe in God, kindly disregard this article/site.

Oh my!!!

God is not in competition with the Constitution of America, but the law of men who put themselves not only above God’s law but even those they establish. After all…laws are made for you, not them.

God laid down His Law, Jesus kept them, the Apostles kept them, and we should keep them. Jesus Christ not only kept them, but He shall see to it that they are observed. God’s law, Jesus’ law and Christ’s law. For you see it is the same as one saying the federal law, the state law, and the local laws. They all shall be observed.

Just because the state set it’s law, doesn’t mean the federal has been done away with. Neither would the local laws fulfill the state laws. They should cooperate with one another, not contradict one another. Yet they all bring you closer to God and your neighbour.

No, God’s law cannot save you, but then that doesn’t mean it is to no avail. His Words are life, remember, we have to make it through some tough times. We face some rather ruthless opponents, therefore needing some protection. God saved us when He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sin. We show our love by doing The Word….following and doing what God says rather than men.

That means we are to do the whole Word of God, not just the parts we like. One must remember: God set down the Law, Our Lord enforces those laws. Yet since Jesus is God, He too sets His own laws. Then Christ shall enforce God’s, Jesus’ and their own law, for Christ too is God. So we are expected to DO THE WHOLE LAW. To do THE WORD OF GOD, all of it.

Remember, we will either follow God’s Law into Life, or follow men’s laws right off of the cliff. Will you make it through?

Proverbs 6:20

Flood America

We have a clean, clear, fresh river of water. There are many preachers, singers etc. who spread the ‘gospel.’ But they pollute it with their own words. They will read you a Scripture, or include a bit of one in a song or sermon, then adlib the rest.

God gave us a great river of water. There is no need to pollute it. Spread the gospel by printing and framing it and giving it to one who might need a prayer, advice, or a song. Any part of the Bible is fair game, as long as you watch the copyright.

King James is public domain and you can spread it as much and as far as you want. We are told to spread the gospel. He doesn’t say how, nor is there a law for those who love. So go ahead, make a copy of your favorite Scripture add some color or a picture to it, then pass it on. Make bookmarks of your favorite Scripture. Use your imagination and spread it any way you can think of. Let Him know you will do whatever He asks of you. We are all to spread the gospel and most of us don’t preach nor sing. But we can let the pure waters flow.

The Bible itself gives us good ideas on how to spread The Word. Everything from binding them and wearing them to posting them upon our gates. Use His ideas or come up with your own. Whatever you can do to do what Jesus tells His to do. Lets spread the gospel and…

Flood America with the clean and pure waters of The Word of God.

May God go with us all

Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty

We are to overcome the flesh, to conquer it, to subdue it. To allow the Spirit of God to lead and guide it. Yet what I see today is people doing what they can for the flesh. Thinking that eating right, exercise, and supplements etc. is taking care of the flesh so they will live longer.

But God gives life and you cannot prolong the time He gives you by dieting or exercising etc.. It might help a little on how well you feel while you live, but won’t prolong it. So a little exercising might be worth it, but most of us get that in our daily tasks. The time we spend worrying about what we eat, how we look and the like, could be spent spending time with one who is lonely or in need of help.

If we truly believe, then won’t our God take care of us if we are taking care of others? Set your priorities to include those who need your company, your time, your energy etc.. Give of yourself, your time, your money to help those who might look to you to see how our God takes care of those He loves. Be an example to the world and get your focus off yourself.

I am not talking about giving to charities. I’m talking about being as personal as Jesus is to us, to one another, to give what they need, be who they need. Get your hands dirty and learn to give as freely and personally as He does.

All those who think the government or money or whatever will be there for them when they need it will soon learn better. Be as our Saviour and be a net to those who will be or are in great need. Reach out to your neighbour, to each other. Lend your time, your energy, your money, your all. Trust me, He is keeping count of every minute, every dime, every effort, no matter how large or small.

May God go with us all

Our Plea to all those who preach/teach the Bible.

Most of you are admired for your dedication to The Word. You study the Bible, you work in it for hours. Your heart and mind is full of Scriptures. But what about those who place their trust in you to help them? How can they spend hours in the Word or Bible? Many who sit in your churches every Sunday are feeling like they are wasting their time. They hear the same thing year after year. They pay tithes, and receive nothing in return. I do believe that is why many are leaving the churches, they feel useless. You do all the work, get all the blessings and they suffer and feel empty.

They need something to do. They need a new way to stay in The Word, even while they work to feed their family. They are under tremendous pressure these days. We all know we need more faith. So we need to understand what is faith, what is that faith that has carried America this far and made her the greatest nation on earth? The Word of God, our Bible, our faith, our God. If they need more faith, why not give it to them?

We are aware we cannot carry the Bible with us everywhere we go, at least not how it is right now. But what if we simply cut and pasted a few Scriptures in smaller print so they can be folded and bound and then wore, say around the neck. Small enough to wear under their shirt, yeah, an amulet, or something like it.

Ok you are right, there is no law saying we have to do that, but hey, there isn’t any saying we can’t either. In fact I have a few arguments that might prove it can be good for us. In fact it could be a great work and a great benefit to those who decide to give it a go. Israel was commanded to do something like it. So if God told them to do it, He can’t go too hard on us if we copy the idea.

It would give many in the church things to do, to make the amulets. Some to cut and paste, then print Scriptures. Some to bind them etc.

How many times have you been reading the Bible and a Scripture popped out at you, like it belonged to you? I know I have had it happen a lot. It is like God is wanting to give you something to cling to, to carry you through the day. Well what if they could cling to it and carry always, as a gift from God?

Let me give you some examples:

For instance if they need a Doctrine, give them Jesus’ by giving them the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-7:27). What better doctrine could you give them?

They Speak to us, and will lead us as it is written in Proverbs 6:20-23.

Only talk is a vain thing as seen in, surprise, surprise, Proverbs 14:23

The print might be so small as to be unreadable, but they are still effective. After all, germs cannot be seen, yet they can kill. The Word, no matter the size, still offers life.

If some one needed a song in their heart, or some wisdom, better to give it to them from God, than any thing else we could offer.

God said He would write His law upon our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). Work out your own salvation (Philippians 2:12). We can make us a new heart and put a new spirit in it as written in Ezekiel 18:31. Jesus said His words are spirit and they are life(John 6:63). You can give them the very spirit of Jesus. Or maybe we could use even the Constitution, it too is a new spirit, the very spirit of America, and He does tell us not to forsake the law of our mother (Proverbs 6:20-23). There is so much we could do. We don’t have to be all talk, or sit in pews. We could hold or cling to those things we hold dear. Some things we need to keep close to our skin, so to speak.

If you will notice none of my examples come from the Law. You are right, there is no Law in love. But if you love Him, you would keep His commandments. The two you are always emphasizing, the greatest commandment (Mark 12:29-31), and the new commandment (John 13:34) He gave us.

Spread the Word is a command given to everyone who believes. How else can it be spread if one does not preach or sing? This would allow even the laymen to spread the Word, thereby keeping His charge.

This is only an idea that might help America. If you have a better one, let me know.


May God go with us all.