The Best Version

Always stick with King James in the United States. When a book is copyrighted, it is a book that has been written with the imagination/knowledge of the writer. Or maybe it is to take a story and put your twist on it, mixing what you’ve read with what you imagine. Only when one takes what they read and changes it to what they think, can they ‘copyright’ their book, in this case at least.

Most Bibles are under copyright, therefore they are not the original, but only a deceptive copy. When we are told trust no man, are we to trust their ‘word’? Why do almost all copyrighted Bibles start with the King James? They take it apart and add, or subtract what they disagree with and sell it to you as The Word of God, turning it into a fake.

Jesus told us it is free to enter into the Kingdom. If so, should we pay to obey God in Deut.6:8-9? Any Bible claiming to be God’s Word should be free to take any part of that Bible and “keep” it according to the ways of God in Deut. Be it the Ten Commandments, or Sermon on the Mount or any other Scripture God gives us. To keep that which is good. Any Bible that has a copyright makes this instruction illegal.

By using K.J. we can arm ourselves, place prayers in blankets for the homeless, or songs for the lonely etc.. We can give hope, love, peace, and all the things money can’t buy to those in need by using K.J.. God has given each nation one word; you choose which it is for you and yours.

Avoiding the Old?

It seems most people will do anything they find Jesus of the N.T. asking or showing them what to do. Yet they avoid the O.T. like the plague where the wisdom of The Father rests.

So what does Paul mean when He tells us ‘to put on Jesus’? He doesn’t tell us to pray Him on, but to PUT Him on and pray always.

In John we are told Jesus is The Word. If Jesus is a Word then we can surely do as we are told and ‘put’ Him on, if we only knew what Word Jesus is. Some declare He is the Bible. The Bible is a book that speaks of Him, but The Word we are told to put on is The Word of God.

The very Word God Himself spoke with His own breath (our Lord)). That Word God wrote with His own finger (Jesus) and The Word God made flesh (The Christ). Our Trinity.

When Paul tells us to put on the full armour of God, or to put on Jesus, it is the same thing the wisdom of God tells us in Deut.6:8-9. To preserve life, to protect our family and everything we have worked for. Remember we are told they will come to steal, kill, destroy. Our Lord Jesus Christ can and will protect all we give Him to protect.

We again were told that we are not to let the world overtake us. We are not to become like them. We are to love and wait on our Lord. We can only do that if we allow Him to protect us as we spread The Word and show others how to protect what they love and worked for.

Christians are being eliminated from all over. We must learn to make a stand and show others to do the same by trusting and obeying our God.

The armour of God is found throughout the Scriptures. The Father started by giving instructions to the children. We aren’t kings nor priests, but we are His children and our Father instructs His own children. The armour is found in the law, prophets, and N.T..

Times are getting tough and time is short. The invasion of America must be stopped and God is our only hope. Let Him fight our battles, keep evil from us and protect us from our enemies. And may we all come to trust Him and help others make their stand.

Life and death is in the tongue. Those words from the mouth of The Father (Ten Commandments) and those from The Son (Sermon on the Mount) gives us the law and testimony we are going to need to overcome the world. We know the voice of our God for they are spirit and they are life.

Go and get busy, search the Scriptures for things He wants us to wear or to do. Learn to “keep” those things you find good. Love Him by seeking His truth, love your neighbour by showing them what you have found. May His presence go with us all and all be found in His will, for the whole duty of men is to “KEEP” the Commandments.

The Armour of God? Again?

If there is one topic I have got to where I hate to discuss it with anyone, it is the topic of the Armour of God. Everyone believes the lie that all they have to do is pray it on and they will be protected from the wicked one the rest of the day. The next morning, pray it again for the rest of your life. That’s a lie.

People will never learn what the Armour is until they learn who Jesus is or until they are ready to show Jesus they love Him. Either way will lead them into the Armour. The Armour of God is something we “put on.” Get that, action words that involves work on your part. Not prayer, we pray always and “put on” the Armour.

Love isn’t always easy. It takes work to show someone you love them. All Jesus asks us to do is to keep His words even as He kept His Father’s. Not hard is it? Can be, cause one would have to go see how Jesus kept His Father’s in order to understand how we are to “keep” His. That would be found in Deut. 6:8 and 11:18. He would have to bind them and wear them, so in turn, we would bind Jesus’ words and wear them in like manner. To “put on” His words. They go in a hat, or headband and a wristband, just like Jesus did with His Father’s words.

Then we dwell in His love as He dwelt in His Father’s. Don’t sound tough does it? Try it, it really isn’t as easy as you think. Because then you are letting His Spirit lead you instead of your flesh. Yes The Word in our heart guides us, but Jesus wants to lead. He said His words are Spirit and they are life. He goes before us in all we do.

And that is the beginning of the Armour. For you will begin to grow in The Word as you let Him lead and guide you.

Think of it like this. You’re in a car, you ask Jesus in, so He comes and takes the steering wheel. (your heart) But times begins to get tough, so Jesus tells you He need to guide you as well. Ok, so now He has both the steering wheel and He goes out front to clear the path for you. Or as He puts it: let Him fight this fight for you.

So now you have The Word in both your heart and upon your body. Letting The Spirit lead isn’t easy because your flesh simply doesn’t always want to do what the Spirit leads you into. So as I said, show Jesus you love Him and wear His words. Dwell in Spirit and in life. Like anything else He tells us to do, it is for you own sake as well as those you love.

Whether you choose to or not matters not to anyone other than yourself, and maybe those who you love. No one would even know except you and maybe those you live with. So your choice is between you and your Master? God? Father? Messiah? Friend? Whoever He is to you.

We really don’t need the churches as they are now, we need Jesus. So unless the churches want to print and bind The Word for those who can’t, they might find that their pews will continue to become vacant. People are leaving because they need more. The churches could help, but they already know everything and don’t want a lesson from laymen, beggars, lepers etc..

What better way to “spread” the Gospel?

May we all be found in His love, spirit and life. And if He tarries, may we be found in the whole armor of our Lord Jesus Christ.