Our Bible, a History Book?

It has been said that the Bible is just a history book. That might be correct. But by receiving the Bible we can see why, what, when, and where things went wrong, as well as who was to blame. We can look upon that Book and see things that we can change. Like they say, hindsight is 20/20.

So, do we just believe it is all over, done away with, absolutely out of our hands? Or do we realize history repeats itself? By reading and learning the Bible, we can infer the ending, whether it’s of allowing our humanity to overcome us, or by accepting God’s wisdom and help.

Revelations shows us no real ending. That’s because, like many things, that ending is a reflection of our beliefs. The end is up to our actions, beliefs, and the very talent given us to change human nature.

Do we interpret the Bible literally or spiritually? How about we take it according to our understanding? Would that be such a bad idea? Every word normally has more than one definition. So, if we just understand it according to our own personal levels, we all would probably have answers that we can all discuss. It is called a debate, where you state where you are, another brings up what they know and understand, then we get to compare what we know to what went wrong, by whom, where, why etc..

Church shouldn’t be lectures without a following debate or discussion. We aren’t in a hierarchy in the Body of Christ. There isn’t a head honcho to listen to other than God Almighty. Picture a family reading the Bible. There are several points found: a dad’s view, mom’s, children, and when they are finished, they discuss what they got from those Scriptures. At least that’s what would happen in an ideal setting. That is, however, what a good church should be. Family discovering the views of each member in order to discover the truth of the Scriptures. Men’s, women’s and children’s point of view. All should be heard because any one of them can shed more light on what you think you know. As the Apostles wrote, ‘iron sharpens iron’.

How and why did Israel fall, or how, why, when did the Christians’ fail? We can ask God and search the Scriptures for our answers. Most of all, what did God do when His people failed Him? And what can we expect if we continue on the path this world is going?

We don’t have to go through the Tribulation. We don’t have to let evil overtake us. We just have to learn and look upon the Scriptures with a 20/20 vision. Life can and will be great when we begin to seek one another’s view. There appears to be too many teachers and never enough students.

People seem to live on fear. Somehow they want tribulation, drama, etc. around. They want blood, they want anyone who isn’t like them to just go away, hoping someone else will do away with them. The hate of people, speech, ethnicities, everything seems to have something that will ‘trigger’ someone else. They don’t realize that there are different parts of the body and not all parts function in the same manner.

Think about it, we could end up in Paradise, or hell. It’s all our choice. If it is paradise that we wish to see, then dwell in the love of The Father and The Son by “keeping” the law (Ten Commandments) and testimony (Sermon on the Mount), as directed by God in Deut.6:8-9. May we all one day find Paradise.

Your Interpretation of the Bible?

I have heard it said that we all have a different “interpretation ” of the Bible. That, honestly confuses me. I thought we “interpret” different languages. You know, from, say French to English, or Spanish to English, etc.. How does one interpret English to English?

Some declare that we should take the Bible spiritually, others, literally. Well again, I am confused because the whole Bible is a spiritual book. It is Holy. That is because it belongs to God. It contains God’s ways, instructions etc.. I thought we asked God to help us, so He gave us His spirit in our hearts as a witness to His written spirit. Jesus tells us that His words are spirit and they are life. So since Jesus is “The Word”, and our Bible is “The Word of God”, then aren’t the two one? If Jesus is in your heart, then it should witness with “The Word.” It is true that our poor little brains have a hard time, but our hearts want God’s ways. It is written that we are stupid, our brains don’t seem to work well at times.

So my conclusion is that people use both, the different interpretations and the spiritual aspect as an excuse not to do what is written. Their way of life has led us to where we are, and yet no one seems to give God’s ways a chance. So we either change our minds, or give up all that is good because of stupidity and let the world overtake us, as it has the rest of the humanity.

So go ahead and take on God’s Word, challenge yourself to do something that might just help our children and our grandchildren in a world of dog eat dog.

If you have Jesus in your heart, get your head right.

Spreading the Faith?

We have been told millions of times to spread our faith. To let our light shine. Yet, how are we to do that? It has gotten to where if you try to tell someone about Jesus, they turn a deaf ear. We have all heard it so many times, we are no longer interested in the stories of Jesus.

People are leaving the churches. They have heard it all. So if we don’t preach, if we can’t sing, how are we to help those of little or no faith to keep going until Jesus returns?

It all goes back to it being everyone’s duty as a Christian to spread the gospel. To show their faith, act out their faith etc.. So our big question is how?

We are Americans, we are creative, we are industrial, we always rise to the occasion. We do what we deem necessary to conquer our problems. So let me start with some of the answers as to how to spread the gospel without preaching, nor singing.

We have begun to print the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ as well as prayers from the Bible, or blessing, or encouraging words, all from the Word of God, then binding them and sewing them into things we make. Sometimes, we buy things people need or want, and sew them into whatever we can get our hands on.

Other times, we print blessing, or prayers etc. and place them in picture frames and place them where needed. Children’s rooms. Elderly people’s rooms.

We make cards to encourage people to continue in the faith. We do what we can think of or afford to do. Come on people, share your faith, give a gift of life, or sprit to one in need, for Jesus tells us His words are spirit and they are life–John 6:63. Let’s spread His spirit across America and see if we can beat back the evil approaching us from every orifice.

Are Things Evil?

What is evil?
Video games?
Knives or swords?
How about religion or cults?
A computer?
Maybe all these electronics are just spreading evil everywhere. All that evil going into our eyes and ears, up to our brain and through our blood system.

None of the above is anything to worry with for evil comes from the heart of mankind.

All knowledge is power. That power can be used for good or evil. No video game, nor gun or anything else can make anyone kill another. Anything can be used for good or evil, even a eating fork. These things are only tools we use to our will.

Even killing is not necessarily evil. In the Bible, laying in wait to commit murder, rape, kidnapping and selling your brother are all death penalty offences.

It is because we don’t kill the murderers, rapists etc. that our streets have become so dangerous and taxes so high.

Murder is laying in wait, planning and plotting in order to escape justice. It isn’t taking a life by accident nor in defense.

True evil is the heart of one who is power hungry, greedy with covetousness. Normally it is one who is willing to break laws to obtain what they want, when they want it.

So no tool nor thing is evil. But be sure and check, and examine your heart.

Why Copyright a Bible?

There are so many versions of the Bible out now days. Seems like every preacher needs their personal version, and then the public cries for easier and easier reading translations. The thing is, if they are all telling the same story, then why must they all be copyrighted? After all a book isn’t coyrighted anew when a new translation comes out. Could it be that the numerous translations of the Bible don’t tell the same story?

In order to get a copyright on a derivative work, you must show that it is significantly different from the original work. Considering that the basic Bible in the English speaking countries–thereby “original work–” is Old Faithful, the stand-by of the Bibles–the King James Bible, (for those in the United Kingdom, The Authorized Version) then you can see that all the new versions must be different from the King James: making us miss the mark.

The significant difference can be as simple as rearranging or changing the punctuation around. After all, these following sentences mean two different things.

I went with two idiots, Tom and Bill.
I went with two idiots, Tom, and Bill.

Or we could take our example from the Bible itself.

Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Or as some would prefer it to be written:
Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee Today, shalt thou be with me in paradise.

Did you see the difference in both? Just look for where the commas were moved or added. As you can see, that one comma changes the meaning drastically, in both examples.

Perhaps this is why Jesus said that not one jot or tittle would be done away with ‘til all be fulfilled.

Another Front

Why keep beating a dead horse? We tried politics and we lost. But just ‘cause we lost the battle doesn’t mean this war is over. We just have to try a different front. We know we aren’t going to help America, our families, nor our selves by continuing to elect people who just can’t get enough money nor power. They are draining us. When are we going to learn that we aren’t going to win Washington? At least not yet.

So we could fight on the ‘religious’ front. But I do believe that is probably in vain as well. So what can we do? Admit we are wrong and we haven’t a clue what has happened and find a way we have yet to try. There is but one way I can think of.

I think our best bet is the ‘God’ front. Not religions, absolutely none of them. I think their wits are still a little bit sleepy. I think we need to turn back to God. Drop all politics, drop all religions and go back to the Book and receive our instructions on living. We have missed something along the way, or dropped the baton. Something went wrong, somewhere, and we must find it. And soon.

Jesus is suppose to go with us and never forsake us. What happened? He is in us, and us in Him, aren’t we? I know God is true, if He said He would write His Law upon our heart, I believe He did, so I know Jesus is in me. But what if we assumed wrong, the part that we are “in” Him? You’ve heard it said, assumptions is the mother of all screw ups, or something like that. What if we are wrong and we are not in Him? Or maybe we should take ‘work out your own salvation’, a little more serious. Or search your heart.

In any relationship each plays a part. God does what we can’t. We can’t write Jesus upon our heart, but we can find what God wrote, then put that upon us. We work together with God.

If God put Jesus in us by writing His Law upon our heart, then if we are in Him, wouldn’t we also have the Law upon us? God gave us one Law, the Ten Commandments. He spoke them, He wrote them, He made them flesh, He placed them upon our heart. His Law.

Our forefathers gave us a Constitution, we were told it would be useless if we ever dropped the moral Law, The Commandments. So they made sure we had The Commandments as well. Our Constitution will fall. She can’t stand alone. They will take our ways, (Constitution) and replace it with their ways. Just as they took God’s Law, and replaced it with theirs. They will continue taking everything, our children, our hopes, they will take it all unless we strengthen ourselves and our loved ones so that we can stand against them. The government, religions, they are just a black hole, a bottomless pit, consuming everything, everyone, till there is nothing left.

God spoke the Ten Commandments, the breath of God. (Rhema)
God wrote the Ten Commandments, the hand of God. (Logos)
God made the Ten Commandments flesh, the Son of God.

We were told God works in mysterious ways, why are we so surprised when we find it so? The Word of God, is The Ten Commandments, our Lord, God’s Son, the Christ of the living God. The engrafted Word of God that can save our souls.

Bind the Ten Commandments and wear Him. They aren’t just fighting against our Constitution, but against The Word of God, Himself. Strengthen yourself that you might stand with Him. “Put Him On”!! You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of things, nor in the middle of it. Let Him fight this fight for us and we can hide in Him until it is over.

We can’t ‘put Him on’ as He was in the flesh, but we can put Him on as The Word of God.

Note: If you intend to keep the law of your Mother and Father, don’t forget to cut off any part of the Constitution that is below our Founding Fathers signatures (trimming our light). But include our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Remember not to add to or take away anything from our Father’s Law.

It is time to wake up America, this is something you don’t want to sleep through, we have a ring side seat.

We are one nation under God!

May we all be found in Him, and may He go with us all

The Bible – A Love Letter

The Bible – A Love Letter

Click to access The-Bible-a-Love-Letter.pdf

I liked this article and it is how I see the Bible.
But again I need to express the fact that not everyone has the time to spend reading the Bible daily. Times are hard and most of us have a full day’s work ahead of us.

I always thought that is why we paid the preachers. So that we can take care of the work, and they can tell us what God wants us to do. Nowhere in the Bible is it written ‘thou shall read this book daily.’ God knows we are in a mess. Doing double time so to speak. What is His solution? Simply take His Word with you wherever you go, do all you do in The Word.

And no, you don’t have to take the whole Bible, just The Word of God. You know those He spoke, those He wrote, the Ten Commandments. And God can speak to you because He tells us in Proverbs 6:20-23 that His Word speaks to us.

I think the churches have failed us here. We were never told how to hear from God for ourselves. That we can spend hours in His presence and not have to sit over a Bible. But to go about our day doing what we do, doing all we do in The Word.

Oh, and if you want eyes to see, take along with you Jesus’ commandments as well.

May God go with us all.

In Defense of The King James Only Crowd

There is a lot of controversy over the King James Only believers. I really have no idea what harm someone can do by believing in only one Bible. The Bibles, like people, all say different things. Altogether, they will lead you into circles. We can easily miss the mark. We can either listen to people or consult different Bibles, but someday, there will come a time when you need to make up your mind in whom you will follow.

If one doesn’t, that’s when they just go in circles from one consultant to another, never getting anywhere. I see why so many go with the King James. It has a strong language and everyone seems to start with KJ when they decide to change what they don’t like about it and come up with a different translation, one more to their liking or maybe to other people’s liking for the money. There is no end to the translations.

The King James is a Holy Bible, unlike many others. It is The Word of a King. Maybe not yours, but to many others. If you had to put ALL your faith in one Bible, which would it be? You can always consider this. We are told Jesus is The Word of God…. Most just haven’t figured out which Word/Bible is the Real Word of God in whom we know as Jesus.

Is the King James the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ? Or is it another Bible. God only has one Word. One could argue that no Bible is The Word of God. For God spoke only once to men, when He gave us the Ten Commandments. And the Ten Commandments is the only Word God gave men that He wrote with His own finger. So we could argue that the Ten Commandments is “The Word” we know as Jesus. And when Jesus was taken/killed then the law died, or put politely was “done away” with.

We are told that He comes in the volume of a book it is written of me, Psalm 40:7. If that be the case, He could be in most any Bible. But if one chooses to follow in His footsteps then they really need to pick a Bible to follow, lest we go back to chasing our tails. Yet I haven’t seen anyone follow in His footsteps, following the customs of God, or doing the will of God, cause most refuse to consider the OT, where we are told the Father’s ways, and where we learn how Jesus kept His Father’s commandments, ways etc. following the same road Jesus Himself did.

Wouldn’t we do as we see Him do? I know the OT is hard to understand, but we are not held to what we don’t understand. But most don’t even try to understand nor do. Most do nothing of the OT and only what they like in the NT. So what does it matter what translation? Until one is ready to seek God, The Lord our God is one, then the rest is irrelevant.

We each have to work out our own salvation. We have to learn. Listening to others tell us what they make of a Scripture has gotten us no where. We need to “practice” our religion. Try reading, studying then doing what it is He says to do. So use any translation. My biggest objection is those who tell us we are wrong but give us no answers. Or even those who try to shove the way they see things down our throats.

There are many good sites/blogs around that people are building to explain why they do or believe the way they do. That is good. We can get ideas to take to prayer or study. Some people are getting good at explaining things. Go search individual people and get away from religion. See what people like you and me are getting from Scripture. Don’t denounce those who are trying. Help ‘em, do a study of your own. Be the one who contributes and builds on another’s work rather than going around tearing others down.

Are we builders? Or destroyers? Encourage others and stop telling them that they are wrong. You are probably wrong as well. I am sure we all are so why keep tripping up others. Go… work out your own salvation. And like Mom always said, ain’t got nothing good to say, don’t say nothing.

May God go with us all.