The Water of Biblical Baptism

Just what is Biblical Baptism? Is it, as some say, being immersed in the water of either a baptismal pool or a river? Is sprinkling of water enough to qualify? Is the water really to be water, or are we to somehow baptize each other with the Holy Spirit or both? Perhaps we should seek what God refers to as water. Be forewarned, sometimes water means, well, water.

Proverbs 18:4 The words of a man’s mouth are as deep waters, and the wellspring of wisdom as a flowing brook.

Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

These scriptures shows us that The Words from a man’s mouth are waters, and what Man taught God’s ways better than anyone else before or after Him?

That’s right, it was Jesus. And shortly before His crucifixion, Jesus told us to keep His words as He kept His Father’s.

John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

John 15:10 If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love.

If we do this, then Jesus Himself baptizes us. What better baptism can we hope for our families?

Giving It Our All

I used to say that for over thirty years, but now I can say, for over thirty-five years, we have begged, pleaded, everything we know to do to get people to accept God’s Law, His Ten Commandments. Most say they live by them the best they know how. I think that is a very true statement.

So our problem doesn’t seem to be for people to show God they love Him by keeping His commandments the best they can. Our problem seems to come under the trust factor. In whom do we trust, man or God?

Ok, lets take trust: if I offered you $500,000 free for the taking and all you have to do is to go to the bank, follow their procedures to receive it, would you go?

Jesus did about the same thing when He told us that among those who call Him Lord, He accepts only those who does the Father’s will. Any works, even in His Name, are not keys to get into the Kingdom. So we have to go see what it is that God wants from us, that is found in the O.T. where God gave Moses His ways. My search revealed that God’s will is that all men are to keep the Commandments.

So God instructs us to keep His Commandments, yet we have given it our best. Even advised our children to memorize them and live by them to the best of their ability.

All through the law and prophets, as well as the N.T. we are warned to “keep” The Commandments of God. Yet try as we may, something went wrong.

What? What or how have we missed? Mankind has one way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It’s not that we were wrong by ‘keeping’ the commandments of God the way we have, but maybe we are incomplete in our efforts of doing it only our way.

By memorizing them we applied God’s Commandments to our minds and by performing them to the best of our ability we have allowed them to penetrate our heart. But if we search the matter we find a way to apply them that we haven’t been taught, at least not by mankind. Most of us have heard of it, yet we have given it little thought.

The way God Himself councils us to ‘keep’ His word is to bind them and wear them. Deuteronomy 11:17 or 6:8. We don’t need boxes on our head, just a cap or headband with a pocket sewn in it. Simple? Yes, and I do believe it would please God to see His children doing as He instructs us.

By wearing God’s Commandments we will not fall short. For you see we would have fulfilled the council to apply His Word to our heart, mind and Soul.

There Is NO Law!!

At least for the world in general. When someone declared unto you that the Law, (Commandments) has “been done away with”, according to the world, they are right.

For you see, God spoke His Commandments, then God wrote His Commandments, then God made His Commandments, flesh, in which we know as Jesus. So when Jesus was killed, so was “The Law”. It/He was taken from us, but God, being God, freely gave those who asked, His Word/His Commandments. So you see, The Commandments of God are for those who have repented and wanted better ways for doing things. They were able to admit they did things wrong and wanted help in the way they live.

When someone tries to tell you that the Law (Commandments) is what this world needs or that they are what you should be living by, they are telling you that the Ten Commandments is the truth by which God’s people live. They are the way we should go, the path to follow. They are (Ten Commandments) the Law God promised to write upon our hearts.

No, those who don’t believe in God has no law given them by God. But those who truly repented, those who wanted a better way of doing things, they are whom God granted His Law.

We need to listen to people. They will tell you where they stand in their walk with Jesus. For surely if Jesus was in their heart, whatever is in the heart, gradually makes it throughout the body. So either they just repented, hit a major stumbling block, or they are play acting and haven’t really repented, or they are in a stunted church.

Your job is to figure out what they need and help them. Gently and kindly.

There is no real sense in arguing Scripture. For normally both parties are right. One just is a little farther in their walk than the other. As our view changes we want others to see and understand. But we must remember that God Himself will reveal Himself to them, each in their own order.

I am not saying not to proclaim the Gospel, for surely we must. I am saying to stop arguing and start listening to others. Only then will you know how or what the other might need to further their walk with our Lord.

If you need ears for the people, wear The Sermon on the Mount, as instructed in John 15:10 and shown in Deuteronomy 6:4-8

We encourage, not argue.

May God go with us all

Another Front

Why keep beating a dead horse? We tried politics and we lost. But just ‘cause we lost the battle doesn’t mean this war is over. We just have to try a different front. We know we aren’t going to help America, our families, nor our selves by continuing to elect people who just can’t get enough money nor power. They are draining us. When are we going to learn that we aren’t going to win Washington? At least not yet.

So we could fight on the ‘religious’ front. But I do believe that is probably in vain as well. So what can we do? Admit we are wrong and we haven’t a clue what has happened and find a way we have yet to try. There is but one way I can think of.

I think our best bet is the ‘God’ front. Not religions, absolutely none of them. I think their wits are still a little bit sleepy. I think we need to turn back to God. Drop all politics, drop all religions and go back to the Book and receive our instructions on living. We have missed something along the way, or dropped the baton. Something went wrong, somewhere, and we must find it. And soon.

Jesus is suppose to go with us and never forsake us. What happened? He is in us, and us in Him, aren’t we? I know God is true, if He said He would write His Law upon our heart, I believe He did, so I know Jesus is in me. But what if we assumed wrong, the part that we are “in” Him? You’ve heard it said, assumptions is the mother of all screw ups, or something like that. What if we are wrong and we are not in Him? Or maybe we should take ‘work out your own salvation’, a little more serious. Or search your heart.

In any relationship each plays a part. God does what we can’t. We can’t write Jesus upon our heart, but we can find what God wrote, then put that upon us. We work together with God.

If God put Jesus in us by writing His Law upon our heart, then if we are in Him, wouldn’t we also have the Law upon us? God gave us one Law, the Ten Commandments. He spoke them, He wrote them, He made them flesh, He placed them upon our heart. His Law.

Our forefathers gave us a Constitution, we were told it would be useless if we ever dropped the moral Law, The Commandments. So they made sure we had The Commandments as well. Our Constitution will fall. She can’t stand alone. They will take our ways, (Constitution) and replace it with their ways. Just as they took God’s Law, and replaced it with theirs. They will continue taking everything, our children, our hopes, they will take it all unless we strengthen ourselves and our loved ones so that we can stand against them. The government, religions, they are just a black hole, a bottomless pit, consuming everything, everyone, till there is nothing left.

God spoke the Ten Commandments, the breath of God. (Rhema)
God wrote the Ten Commandments, the hand of God. (Logos)
God made the Ten Commandments flesh, the Son of God.

We were told God works in mysterious ways, why are we so surprised when we find it so? The Word of God, is The Ten Commandments, our Lord, God’s Son, the Christ of the living God. The engrafted Word of God that can save our souls.

Bind the Ten Commandments and wear Him. They aren’t just fighting against our Constitution, but against The Word of God, Himself. Strengthen yourself that you might stand with Him. “Put Him On”!! You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of things, nor in the middle of it. Let Him fight this fight for us and we can hide in Him until it is over.

We can’t ‘put Him on’ as He was in the flesh, but we can put Him on as The Word of God.

Note: If you intend to keep the law of your Mother and Father, don’t forget to cut off any part of the Constitution that is below our Founding Fathers signatures (trimming our light). But include our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Remember not to add to or take away anything from our Father’s Law.

It is time to wake up America, this is something you don’t want to sleep through, we have a ring side seat.

We are one nation under God!

May we all be found in Him, and may He go with us all