Giving It Our All

I used to say that for over thirty years, but now I can say, for over thirty-five years, we have begged, pleaded, everything we know to do to get people to accept God’s Law, His Ten Commandments. Most say they live by them the best they know how. I think that is a very true statement.

So our problem doesn’t seem to be for people to show God they love Him by keeping His commandments the best they can. Our problem seems to come under the trust factor. In whom do we trust, man or God?

Ok, lets take trust: if I offered you $500,000 free for the taking and all you have to do is to go to the bank, follow their procedures to receive it, would you go?

Jesus did about the same thing when He told us that among those who call Him Lord, He accepts only those who does the Father’s will. Any works, even in His Name, are not keys to get into the Kingdom. So we have to go see what it is that God wants from us, that is found in the O.T. where God gave Moses His ways. My search revealed that God’s will is that all men are to keep the Commandments.

So God instructs us to keep His Commandments, yet we have given it our best. Even advised our children to memorize them and live by them to the best of their ability.

All through the law and prophets, as well as the N.T. we are warned to “keep” The Commandments of God. Yet try as we may, something went wrong.

What? What or how have we missed? Mankind has one way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. It’s not that we were wrong by ‘keeping’ the commandments of God the way we have, but maybe we are incomplete in our efforts of doing it only our way.

By memorizing them we applied God’s Commandments to our minds and by performing them to the best of our ability we have allowed them to penetrate our heart. But if we search the matter we find a way to apply them that we haven’t been taught, at least not by mankind. Most of us have heard of it, yet we have given it little thought.

The way God Himself councils us to ‘keep’ His word is to bind them and wear them. Deuteronomy 11:17 or 6:8. We don’t need boxes on our head, just a cap or headband with a pocket sewn in it. Simple? Yes, and I do believe it would please God to see His children doing as He instructs us.

By wearing God’s Commandments we will not fall short. For you see we would have fulfilled the council to apply His Word to our heart, mind and Soul.