Give? More?

Don’t we give enough? We Americans give more than any nation. Why isn’t it working? Why can’t we make any headway in homelessness? Hunger? Because we do it wrong. We don’t do it God’s way.

We normally give to charities and or churches. Yet we are told to give to those who ask. To take care of our neighbors as we take care ourselves. Yet we no longer even know our neighbors. And it is so much easier to give to charities or even our church than to those whom God tells us to take care of.

Yeah, some of us are confused as to who is our neighbor, if that be the case, ask a child. They know who their neighbor is.

Though the churches want the money, don’t we all, yet they don’t take care of those who ask. Go ahead, go to any church and ask them to help you make your bills. If you are a member of their church, they might give a little. But it is written to give to those who ask, not those who believe like you.

Yeah, we do a lot of things wrong. We need to find the way God does things. His counsel is sure to get better results. What do we have to lose by giving God’s way a chance. For surely our way has only lead to a suffering world.

May God go with us all