Oh my!!!

God is not in competition with the Constitution of America, but the law of men who put themselves not only above God’s law but even those they establish. After all…laws are made for you, not them.

God laid down His Law, Jesus kept them, the Apostles kept them, and we should keep them. Jesus Christ not only kept them, but He shall see to it that they are observed. God’s law, Jesus’ law and Christ’s law. For you see it is the same as one saying the federal law, the state law, and the local laws. They all shall be observed.

Just because the state set it’s law, doesn’t mean the federal has been done away with. Neither would the local laws fulfill the state laws. They should cooperate with one another, not contradict one another. Yet they all bring you closer to God and your neighbour.

No, God’s law cannot save you, but then that doesn’t mean it is to no avail. His Words are life, remember, we have to make it through some tough times. We face some rather ruthless opponents, therefore needing some protection. God saved us when He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sin. We show our love by doing The Word….following and doing what God says rather than men.

That means we are to do the whole Word of God, not just the parts we like. One must remember: God set down the Law, Our Lord enforces those laws. Yet since Jesus is God, He too sets His own laws. Then Christ shall enforce God’s, Jesus’ and their own law, for Christ too is God. So we are expected to DO THE WHOLE LAW. To do THE WORD OF GOD, all of it.

Remember, we will either follow God’s Law into Life, or follow men’s laws right off of the cliff. Will you make it through?

Proverbs 6:20

Muddied Waters

Many people go to religious works in order to learn what God really means. What God wants from us. They truly wish to learn, to do what God wants, but they should be sent to the one place that has crystal clear waters.

These commentaries, articles and posts just seem to either cause more confusion, due to the tendency to go back to the Greek or Hebrew, or it blatantly contradicts God’s Word. A good dictionary and the Bible would show them more than most any book or article.

Let’s take the Law of God for example. How many times have you been told, or read, that the Law has been done away with? A lot right? Now how many times have you heard that God never changes? So which is it? Has God changed His mind about the Law? Or is all of the religious material muddying the waters to the point that God’s voice is being lost in the effort to clarify it?

God gave us the Bible, our measure of faith, so it could be used and understood in our own languages. There was no need to try for any colloquialisms to explain the meanings. If God was tied to the Hebrew and Greek languages, then there is a hierarchy involved here that He sought to avoid. Jesus wouldn’t tell us not to call anyone Master, then tell us that we had to either learn another language or look up to someone who has. We trust that God knows our language when He gave us His Word.

So get a Bible and find out what God calls His Law (truth, life, light, etc.). While you’re at it, look up the word fulfill in your dictionary. Using these two tools, you can find out what God wants of us. Easy enough to work out, and you don’t really need anyone’s literature.

God Himself spoke His Word, He wrote His Word with His own finger, and then God made His Word flesh.

Finding God’s Word is hard enough in the clear waters. Like looking for a gold nugget. Remember He (God’s Word) comes in the volume of a book–Psalm 40:7.

You tell me, is Jesus among us?