Take Away All Sickness

Deuteronomy 7:15
And the LORD will take away from thee all sickness, and will put none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which thou knowest, upon thee; but will lay them upon all them that hate thee.

Exodus 15:26
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.

It is with the wisdom of The Father we are told how to avoid diseases. If we obey Him in Deut. 6:8-9 and give heed to His voice by “keeping” the Ten Commandments as directed that we can avoid these problems.

If you believe in The Father and The Son, then give heed to the Sermon on the Mount as well. “Keep” both the law and testimony. For from the heart the mouth speaks. Who’s voice will you give ear to?


“Don’t be deceived,” is what–most–preachers are declaring. They attempt to close the ears of the people, to hold them blind and deaf. They want us depending upon them to tell us what God wants from us. Yet they deceive themselves as well.

What is it about “the whole world is deceived” that they don’t understand? The Word tells us that we have let our traditions etc. overtake The Word of God. The commandments of the church overtake God’s commandments. Our preachers encourage us not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, or watch and/or read most movies or books etc.. They try to run our lives and what they don’t attempt, the government does.

Yet when The Old Testament tells us what to eat or wear, we object. When we know that God has our best interests at heart. And the preachers mainly want your money, power or both. And yes, I am aware that we are told that the Old Testament is old and no longer of any use to us. Yet, may I ask, in whom do you trust?

God never changes, what He expected from Moses, those of that generation, David, Solomon, or any of the great prophets etc. will He not expect from us all?

Jesus warned us that they twist the Scriptures. They have had us sitting on our tush for many generations. There is a work to be done, it is by our works we are judged. What work? Surely it isn’t all those things in the Old Testament that we are told to do. You know like bind His Word, the commandments, and wear them. Or maybe the making of tassels etc.. Yes, according to the Word, there is a work to do. Work that Jesus did because we know Jesus kept the Scriptures as He was told. He is our example, your preacher doesn’t hold a candle next to the light that Jesus gives us when we do the will of the Father.

Jesus tells us to do God’s will. And the only way we can, is to go see what God expects of us. As bad as America is, and she is hurting, we are hurting, we need God’s help. Can we not humble ourselves and go to God and let him know that we have found our way wrong. And beg Him to show us His ways. That we may not only please Him, but help ourselves as well. So our choice is simple, we either do as God says, or we follow our preachers into the pit, the grave. And leave our children the inheritance of slavery.

Everyone is deceived, all of us…everyone! The only way truth will be told is to find those few who have nothing left to lose and is willing to trust in God. Must we all go down, before someone looks up?

If you think you have all the Truth, then you are at even greater peril. Don’t close your mind, ears, or eyes.

May God go with us all.

Why You Need to Know

What, who, is Jesus? In John 1:1-4, we are told Jesus is The Word. What does that mean? In Psalm 40:7. We are told He comes in the volume of a book which speaks of Him. Would that mean Jesus is a Word in the Bible?

Remember, you are created in the image and likeness of God. And He is the Author and finisher of our faith. He is The Word, who was once God, and we are a Word as well?

This is a lot to wrap our brains around. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my brain seems too small for such matters. So in the Bible, we set out to find The Word of God that was God, was with God etc.. So we can make Jesus our God. A lot to learn.

To start with, I can only think of one thing God had to say. That was upon the mount, to the people of Israel. In fact God gave us His Word again when He wrote the same Word He spoke upon that mount. In fact the only Word God gave us at all is and was The Ten Commandments. Spoken, Written, and made flesh.

So it looks like Jesus is the Ten Commandments. No wonder we are told to wear Him, put Him upon our gates etc.. People claim Jesus as their Lord, yet it is the Lord who tells us to put on The Commandments.

I am not sure about you, but I am sure the Lord our God knows what He is doing. Sometimes we just have to trust Him see us through. After over two thousand years, we remain with no more hope than most the world. No more faith or love than an atheist.

If one argued the point of that being in the OT. Then why aren’t we doing as Jesus Himself said when He told us to keep His words (I would assume, from the mount as well, being the Sermon on the Mount) even as He kept His Father’s.

We aren’t doing anything. Afraid to work? Why? Aren’t we to be judged by our works? What better works could one have if we get counsel from the Written Word. From the Lord our God, those who went before us?

I don’t know about you but personally I don’t want to rest in Jesus, nor in peace. I want to fight the evil that is overtaking our families, our country, our world. If we all rest who is going to do the work? Who’s going to keep our children free? Isn’t it time we fight for our children instead of sending our children to fight for us?

All we have to do is learn how The Lord our God does it. He fights for His children. He fights with His fingers. Jesus says He told us all things, so we just have to go learn how to fight to win.

I want to give God’s ways a go. I hope you will join me in the fight. Put on the Commandments and let our Lord see us through the coming days. Maybe our children will have hope again. Maybe we might even find God’s providence in our endeavors. We must begin to search the answers to our questions. Let the written Word be our guide, the measure by which we walk, and fight.

Do all things in Him.
May The Word go with us all

Is it God VS Country?

Maybe the reason people seem to want the government to provide medical, food, etc. for free is because they see the government as god. Yet, not even God gives everything for nothing. Our salvation cost Him His Son, the least we can do is try to please Him. He did make it possible for us to enter into the Kingdom, the least we can do is enter in.

But then again, most think they have entered in. But that makes no sense. For God said He would put Jesus in our heart by writing His Word (Jesus is the Word) upon our hearts. Wouldn’t logical thinking bring us to know that Jesus is in us, not us in Him? So we must find what God wrote on our heart, then we can take that and put it on. Ya know, work out our salvation which God so freely gave, let the Spirit (spoken Word) lead and guide us. All one has to do is search his own heart and find what God put there.

What you will find is God put His law in us, if you ever went to Him with repentance. That very Word from His mouth, the Ten Commandments, you know that law everyone is thinking was ‘done away’ with. That Law that people are wanting to dispose of and never see it again because it makes them grow up and learn to act responsible. To respect others, to care for your neighbour, you know all those things that people hate because it makes them feel sad, or inadequate.

It really doesn’t matter whether one will “put on” The Word, simply because, it is their decision and their life. My decision has been made. So whether anyone else accepts His protection is their decision and their responsibility. Life is full of decisions. All one can do is try to make a wise one.

Maybe you have been doing great and don’t think you need all He has to offer. And maybe that is true, yet let me ask you this, since all you think of is yourself, what about your children or children’s children? And do you know the future and know that you nor they will need His protection, His lead or guiding?

No one says it is easy to admit you need His help, to humble yourself and admit He just might know more than we do. But if you can, then all who depends upon you will be safer, happier, and prepared to face the future. Let this help humble you: God tells us we are a stupid people, and we thought we were so smart, you know so educated and all.

I am not one who thinks the world will end tomorrow, yet I can face reality and know things ain’t looking real good. Trouble is ahead of us, but so is a glorious day dawning. It depends on your decision.

Most any preacher will raise up the Bible and declare it The Word of God. In John we are told that Jesus is The Word of God, leaving us to figure out how to enter into a book! God gives us perfect directions. But they are found in the “Old Testament.” And we believe the lie that we no longer need that Old thing. It is just too old. Good never changes. What was good, perfect yesterday, is still good today. Evil is evil, good is good. Hang onto that which is good and let The Word teach you how. Be a doer of The Word. God didn’t just give us half a Word, Half a promise. He gave us the Bible for a reason, it would be all the help we would need. We only have to learn to apply it properly. Refuse to believe the lie that when something get old it is worthless. That would make a lot of us … ah well.

I have heard it said that old is always ten years older than yourself. In that manner, none of us is old. Yet what is old? Compared to the world, the Word is young. Compared to England, America is young, yet we are being told that our Constitution is old. Which bring us to another topic. In keeping that which is good and doing as God says, forsake not the law of your mother. So as we “keep” and wear the Ten Commandments we might also consider “keeping” our Constitution. To keep the law of our mother and Father.

I am also aware many claim one cannot be patriotic and religious. Then get out of religion and learn from God. For He so loved the world, and America is a part of it.

We have been called a melting pot. We have not one God in this nation, but many. I will declare we do have a Mother and a Father, we are not orphans and we have One God. Any choosing to live here should keep the house rules. I care not how old … I love ‘em both!!

Our forefathers delivered us America and many died to give us The Word as well. It was their goal for us to come to know and love God. Practice makes perfect and one day we will get there. One day we will walk perfect as He is perfect. Will you live to see it?

May God go with us all.


Choices, we make them daily. Some days we make several. There are some who try to just float through life, but really by doing so, they are making their decisions on the choices they face. Like they say, not to vote is to vote.

Today we face a dog eat dog world. It is getting mean out there. Seems that trouble finds you if you just try to go about ignoring those decisions and zombie your day through. And as you read this, it only gets worse, our homes aren’t safe. There is no safe place anymore.

I do realize that to talk about God is taboo now a days but one must admit God tried, it is we who have failed. What was God thinking when He gave mankind dominion over the earth? I mean think about this, a place we can do whatever we want. A place we can tear down, or build up. We can do whatever we want, at least that is most people’s attitude. We don’t have to worry about what God thinks, what others do, we can just do whatever. Ain’t that what we all want?

God showed us what good is through His Son, God told us what good is through His Word, but who needs Him? We got our own life to live. And so goes the days of our lives. In whom most live in fear.

Our government can’t help, not even the churches can. No union, no company, no school, no amount of money, nothing known to man can help. But it isn’t all lost, there is One who could. One who loves us, who has our best interests in mind. One who is willing, One who is able, but that One is taboo.

One would think that Jesus came to conquer our enemy (God) for us instead of uniting us to Him. Here I shall ask all those who still have a brain, that the zombies haven’t feasted upon, to put on their thinking caps.

Those who claim that we can do whatever we want are right. God did give us the earth as our dominion to do whatever we want. Those who claim that God’s law hung on the cross are right as well. Now is when you need to think, so all those without a brain can stop here. For the rest of you, think, what did hang on that cross? There was a sign that the king had made and Jesus, the sign that God made. And yes, Jesus died there. So God’s Word (sign/law) is dead, but most forget that He is risen and offered only to those who ask for Him. When one asks, God places Him in their heart. You know that part where God said “I will write my law upon their heart.” The rest can go about in zombie land.

Once Jesus is placed in us, then it is up to us to work out that salvation. To bring forth fruit. To allow that fire to engulf us, consume us. Then and only then, are we “saved.” Only when He is in us, and we are in Him. So are you saved? Probably not!

Just as the government is corrupted, schools, banking etc., so are your churches. And it don’t matter which church you belong to. They are all lying. Or one could say they tell you only half truths. They don’t tell you who Jesus is, how to get in Him, what God wills for every one of us. They have become one in bed with your enemy.

They tell you Jesus died for you, but they don’t tell you who or what Jesus is. They don’t teach you how to get in Him to be truly saved. When we read in Psalm 40:7, Jesus is telling us that He is coming, then He tells us how: “in the volume of the book it is written of me.” That would be your Bible. So He is in our Bible and we must find Him while we can. So it isn’t as easy as going to your local church to find Him, we must search for Him. But we have that witness in our hearts so we aren’t totally lost.

Plus John gives us another hint in John 1:1 and another in 1 John 1:1. But Jesus Himself tells us plainer than any one has ever tried. He will come out and tell you in Exodus 20 That He is Lord and then gives Himself to you. God, later in the Old Testament will tell you how to apply The Word for maximum advantage.

Ok, the Old Testament is old, yet so is the New Testament. In fact our Constitution is only a little over two hundred years old and they say that is too old. So let’s hope age has nothing to do with the way God works. I mean He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, is He not?

We are told that God gave Moses His ways. So if we want to know how God would handle things, isn’t it Moses we would go to? We are also told that God spoke through His prophets so if we were smart, if God had something to say to them, couldn’t we use that same advice?

Even your preachers tell you to do what God says and ignore man. If we would all do that we would fair much better. But I guess one would have to know God to do that. So let me introduce to you who my God is. We all have gods, so don’t look at me like that.

My God is the King James Bible because I see that The King James Bible is The Word of God given us to lead and guide us through this life. It is not a god that I made or carved. It was one given me by my Father. They can knock the King James all they want, but in the end we will see who fairs best. So since The King James is my God, I do what I understand of it. All of it. I do not cut it in half, or thirds, but keep all I can from the wisdom written.

The Word was with God and The Word was God. It is we who found other gods and demoted God’s Word. If we want it as it was in the beginning. Or on earth as it is in heaven, then we must raise God’s Word to the proper authority in life. We seem to work with the ripple effect, not from top down. If you work from top down, you would be doing what the government tells you, obeying their laws, doing things their way. Making the government your god. It was the government who set themselves up placing their ways, their laws over you, yet they are above it. You can’t touch them, but they can destroy you and your children and your grand children. As long as you continue to vote them in, they continue their wickedness until your life is no longer worth living. If you don’t take yourself out, they will do it for you, give them just a little longer. Remember the highest form of worship is obedience.

Maybe it is time for us all to figure out just who our God is. Can you show someone your God? Most just fight against the air. They don’t really have anything other than air. All talk.

In the Old Testament Jesus revels Himself as Lord, in the New He reveals Himself to us as Saviour, being all we need, everything we need, therefore being God. God is one who provides us with all our needs, both physical and spiritual. Jesus fits that so He is my God.

Okay, for those who are only slightly brain dead and who hasn’t been able to follow me, try doing one thing. If you love Jesus take the commandments of Jesus found in Luke 10:27 and keep them even as Jesus kept His Father’s commandments, John 15:10 as in retain possession of them at all times. We are told how He did it in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 6:8 and Deuteronomy 11:18. Yep we wear them regardless what your preachers tell you, simply do what Jesus says. He will take you through a journey that will reveal to you who He is. It is fun and confusing all at the same time. And yes, I am aware that He is not the author of confusion but if we had of went and done what He said in the first place, most of the confusion would have been avoided. But we didn’t so we have the process of unlearning and relearning everything. Turning our world right side up. When you are done, then there is hope, peace and all the things we have searched for.

Wrap your self, your loved ones, your friends in the commandments of Jesus. Start your journey, letting Him teach you the way. Learn to keep all that is good and grow in The Word as The Word grows in you. And may God go with you all.

For those who are happy the way you are, content with the world you have to offer your children, then none of this applies to you. I do not care who you chose as your god, even if it is yourself. I really don’t care what you have to say about mine. So live what you teach and let us live our own lives, the way we choose, that gift God gave us all. We make our own minds, making our own decisions, choosing our own paths. For me and my house we shall follow Jesus and walk the law as He did. Because I know, He can teach us the way, because He has been there, done that and owns the t-shirt.

Do yourself a favor and do a search in Biblegateway.com on “keep commandments.”
Ecclesiastes 12:13
Exodus 20:6
May He show mercy to us all, Amen