Is Christmas Pagan?

People wonder, why do Christmas? Some think it pagan. Others see no reason at all. May we give you a few reasons? It is the spirit of giving and forgiving. People have more time to do for others. Some seek more of those in need and are willing to see if they can help. The love we show for one another, the smiles we can put on the faces of those who seldom have a smile because of the lost of a job, a loved one, or maybe–because of their years of striving–they haven’t been able to find joy, all of this is the Spirit of Christmas.

A time of peace, hope, joy, all the things that money can’t buy. And they want to eliminate it as they did the Ten Commandments. Is everything we have loved, enjoyed, and hoped for, being exterminated?

If all that is good is being done away with, what’s next? Our Constitution, our children? Or our all?

With the spirit of hope, the spirit of joy, the spirit of giving, the spirit of love, the spirit of faith and unity so prevalent at this time of the year, you have to wonder why would someone want to delete that much good? What do they truly have to gain by it? Are they trying–in a truly innocent yet misguided way–to bring the truth as they understand it to society, or could it be that they are doing the work, however inadvertently, of evil?

Remember, the first to deny Christmas was the Puritans, and that was because it was too joyful. They were truly afraid that having joy would make them sin. They might be the reason why so many see sin in everything that makes life worth living. Be it simple or more complex pleasures.

The spirit of love, charity, hope should be something we keep daily, not just once a year. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the season as it comes around. Yes, keep the Spirit, and come Christmas, enjoy the feast and day.

Many are right, it is a holiday meant for people, but that doesn’t mean we can’t invite God into our holiday, just as He invited us to His feast days. To add the Spirit of God into the spirit of Christmas can result in an awesome outcome. After all, even Jesus gives gifts. And Christmas is the gift-giving season.

As far as “pagan” goes, so is your time, weekday names most everything. All man made over time. The only question left is if we perfected Christmas yet? After all they say practice makes perfect. And the original Santa Claus did exist, as a monk known as Saint Nicholas, a man who loved to give gifts to children.

Santa’s are men who wear another hat. We all have a different hat for each of our duties. Divine authority isn’t all we can exist on, other wise we would have to make our dwelling in heaven a whole lot sooner. Just one final thought: those who have stopped Christmas as no Divine Authority can be found for it, have you kept the original Holy Days that God did lay out for His children, after all, they are Divinely Authorized?

Christmas, like Thanksgiving is a national holiday, we can at least celebrate with our fellow citizens as Americans. If one can’t celebrate as a child of God, then do it as a citizen of America. Keep that which is good!!! Don’t let them take what is good that is left. Cling to Christmas, to that which is good.

Enough Already!

For those of you who want to destroy Christmas for others: Stop it! There is nothing better than Christmas. You want to see evil in everything, well let me show you some good. If you can’t see anything but evil, then look away or this may blind you!

Christmas is the very spirit of God, to help, to fulfill, to surprise, to spread love! To forget all worries, and focus on others, to fulfill hearts, spread peace, to help others, to show all the very spirit of God.

Some have a problem getting this. Case in point: I recently ran across one of Mr. David Grossman’s exposes on violence in the video game industry, and his theory bothers me, especially during this time of the year.

Now, before I go on, I will admit to not reading any of Mr. Grossman’s exposes. However, I have heard, seen, and read a few of his interviews. This has given me a fair handle on his theory. I also know people, quite well in fact, that play these so-called violent video games, and watch violent movies, you know the good action films. So here is my rebuttal to the idea that violent media is breeding a generation of killers.

Mr. Grossman’s idea is that if you look at the spree killers–school-shooters in particular–you’ll see that they all played video games. And you know what? He is right. But that’s not very surprising. Most school-shooters are boys. And video gaming is a male-oriented industry. Let’s face it, until video games get into the self-confessional, romantic-comedy, or otherwise emotionally-based works, they probably won’t attract girls by the droves. With the sheer numbers of boys and men who play these so-called violent video games, we should see far more spree killings than we do. So there has to be more to this theory to make it work.

Maybe it has to do with the particular games that are being played. Now I’ll admit to not particularly caring about others’ likes in entertainment, unless they are close to me. So the only game that I know any of the recent spree killers played was “Doom.” The game made infamous due to the Columbine killers. This must be an awful, horrifyingly violent game if it could turn two teenage boys into murderers, right?

Um, not quite. You see here’s where the idea of violent media falls apart. Violence is, for the most part, a side effect of the story line. So you can’t really just look at the violence in “Doom” to see the problem. You have to look at the storyline as well. And when you do that, you find that the storyline of “Doom” is that the player, you since it is a first person shooter–this is a genre, not a warning–, is trying to close the gates of Hell. Not very horrifying is it. Okay, so there has to be something else.

What could cause so many people to become spree killers? The easiest things to blame it on would be the video games, and bullying. But, just like the gaming, there are many people who didn’t go on a killing spree just because someone made their lives hell. Besides, most bullied victims turn the gun, so to speak, on themselves first.

It’s time we try something new. If the fact of just seeing the Scripture “Thou shalt not steal,” protects Memorial Day decorations from being swiped, how much more could wearing the Scripture warning “Thou shalt not kill” save lives? People, including students, will wear wristbands for a cause. Why not let the wristbands do double duty? Add the Ten Commandments to the wristband. Who needs to know? Other than God, whose business is it? It might just buy us all time for the parents of those predisposed to such actions, to get to the root of the problem

Bad things might happen, but sweeping generalizations do nothing to solve the problem. You have to take things on a case by case basis. We’re individuals, and we have individualized reasoning.

Things are things which could be used for evil or good by us. If you are evil then you see evil in many things. Smoking, drinking, video games, movies, monuments, guns, people, even Santa Claus (and don‘t try to say he is the same as Satan, that‘s like saying God is the same as a dog )! But if you are good then good can come from anything. God created all things and said: It Is Good! If you persist in seeing these things as evil, perhaps you need to become part of the Church, part of Jesus’ Body, as God warned us that evil comes from the heart of man.