Your Interpretation of the Bible?

I have heard it said that we all have a different “interpretation ” of the Bible. That, honestly confuses me. I thought we “interpret” different languages. You know, from, say French to English, or Spanish to English, etc.. How does one interpret English to English?

Some declare that we should take the Bible spiritually, others, literally. Well again, I am confused because the whole Bible is a spiritual book. It is Holy. That is because it belongs to God. It contains God’s ways, instructions etc.. I thought we asked God to help us, so He gave us His spirit in our hearts as a witness to His written spirit. Jesus tells us that His words are spirit and they are life. So since Jesus is “The Word”, and our Bible is “The Word of God”, then aren’t the two one? If Jesus is in your heart, then it should witness with “The Word.” It is true that our poor little brains have a hard time, but our hearts want God’s ways. It is written that we are stupid, our brains don’t seem to work well at times.

So my conclusion is that people use both, the different interpretations and the spiritual aspect as an excuse not to do what is written. Their way of life has led us to where we are, and yet no one seems to give God’s ways a chance. So we either change our minds, or give up all that is good because of stupidity and let the world overtake us, as it has the rest of the humanity.

So go ahead and take on God’s Word, challenge yourself to do something that might just help our children and our grandchildren in a world of dog eat dog.

If you have Jesus in your heart, get your head right.