You Get What You Pay For

You’ve heard it said, “you get what you pay for.” I say we have paid dearly and it is time to get what we have paid for. We have paid our government and gotten? We have paid our “seers/preachers” and gotten? We have paid more than most realize, cause they take slowly and covered it in deceit.

It won’t be long, they will come for whatever you have left. They’ve taken most everything dear to us and we just let them and never give it any thought. Think of what all we have lost. The Old Testament, some have lost even the New Testament, their God. Now they want your Constitution, then it will be your property, then your children. Anything one can hold dear, they will consume it, until you are left with nothing. No hopes, no dreams, no God, no loved ones, just you, all alone, doing their bidding, wondering ‘where is God’?

He isn’t far, He isn’t anywhere you can’t see or handle Him. He is probably in your home. Sitting there wondering if you will ever seek Him, for He comes in the volume of a Book. I am not talking about going to the false religions, all of them know nothing. Only He knows the way, and it is Him you need.

If you were my sibling my advice would be: Deuteronomy 6:8
If you were my spouse my advice would be: John 15:10
If you were my child my advice would be: John 14:15

To seek the ways of our fathers, those who went before us. Not those in the same boat and just as lost as we are, but those of a different generation. Look and see, we were given the Bible, told it is The Word of God. We need to see it all as One. The Old, The New, they are One. In one we can learn to hear, the other we can learn to see. We need to see that all of it is The Word of God, in fact, Jesus is The Word of God. So The Old, His mind, The New, His body. Which part would you reject? Would the body have no need for the mind? Or visa-versa?

God gave us One Word. He came down, stood upon the mount and delivered a word to the world He loves so. That Word is the Ten Commandments. Then He wrote His Word in stone and gave it to the world. Then He made His Word flesh and gave Him to the world as His Lamb. Yes again, the Ten Commandments. Three times, three ways, He gave us His Word. Then set out to reveal to us His Word, and gave us the Bible. The revelation of Jesus. Jesus is what The Ten Commandments looks like in flesh. Full of love and mercy, grace and tears. His heart, His mind, His soul, all wrapped up in the Ten Commandments.

If you believe there is no law, then you are deceived. Look, do a little homework, go see what Jesus Himself told us about the law. That He didn’t come to do away with a single jot of it. His disciples kept them and advises that we do the same. He will not accept those who are full of iniquity (sin, the transgression of the law).

So it looks like the choice is before us. We can choose to keep the laws the so called “lawmakers” give us. In which I don’t hold much hope for. There are millions, libraries full of laws, keep them all or establish your own law, or go with God.

By “keeping” God’s, He means just that. “Keep,” as in retain possession of them. If you rely on memorizing them, remember a little bump on the head can cause you to lose them, in fact time itself may do it as well. So follow Jesus’ example and wear them upon your forehead and hand, or our fathers, and make you a new heart or amulet if you choose and wear them around your neck. Sew them in your clothes. Doesn’t matter really, just keep them closer than you would your VISA.

Go to and do a search “keep commandments.” Look closely at all who advises us to keep them. Look up anything that will help you understand how to keep them. The advice is all through The Word. Even at the very end, it is those who have kept The Commandments who are considered to have the patience of the Saints.

Yes, they (the world), did do away with God’s Ten Commandments, they killed His Son. But remember it took only three days for Him to rise. God will give you His Son as your sin offering if you ask Him, He will put Him in your heart by writing His law upon it. Yes, Jesus will come and sup with you if you keep Him close, cling to Him, dwell in Him.

Remember the words of Paul, “put on” our Lord Jesus Christ. Or those of Solomon, “it is the duty of all men to keep The Commandments.” We must declare law to those who are lawless. Offer a better way to those caught in the ways of the world. And raise up our Lord, as our Father in heaven has done. Raise His Name, rise up and heed the call.
You’ve heard it said “America is the world’s hope.” Because America knows what is good, we just have to learn to “keep” that which is good.

God’s Word = Ten Commandments
Jesus = God’s Word

Establish God’s Word as God as He was in the beginning.

Establish Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. WEAR THE WORD OF GOD! He is our armour, armour up, you and your loved ones will need Him in the days to come. In the words of Paul “PUT HIM ON.” Never leave home without Him.

May God go with us all.