There Is NO Law!!

At least for the world in general. When someone declared unto you that the Law, (Commandments) has “been done away with”, according to the world, they are right.

For you see, God spoke His Commandments, then God wrote His Commandments, then God made His Commandments, flesh, in which we know as Jesus. So when Jesus was killed, so was “The Law”. It/He was taken from us, but God, being God, freely gave those who asked, His Word/His Commandments. So you see, The Commandments of God are for those who have repented and wanted better ways for doing things. They were able to admit they did things wrong and wanted help in the way they live.

When someone tries to tell you that the Law (Commandments) is what this world needs or that they are what you should be living by, they are telling you that the Ten Commandments is the truth by which God’s people live. They are the way we should go, the path to follow. They are (Ten Commandments) the Law God promised to write upon our hearts.

No, those who don’t believe in God has no law given them by God. But those who truly repented, those who wanted a better way of doing things, they are whom God granted His Law.

We need to listen to people. They will tell you where they stand in their walk with Jesus. For surely if Jesus was in their heart, whatever is in the heart, gradually makes it throughout the body. So either they just repented, hit a major stumbling block, or they are play acting and haven’t really repented, or they are in a stunted church.

Your job is to figure out what they need and help them. Gently and kindly.

There is no real sense in arguing Scripture. For normally both parties are right. One just is a little farther in their walk than the other. As our view changes we want others to see and understand. But we must remember that God Himself will reveal Himself to them, each in their own order.

I am not saying not to proclaim the Gospel, for surely we must. I am saying to stop arguing and start listening to others. Only then will you know how or what the other might need to further their walk with our Lord.

If you need ears for the people, wear The Sermon on the Mount, as instructed in John 15:10 and shown in Deuteronomy 6:4-8

We encourage, not argue.

May God go with us all