“Don’t be deceived,” is what–most–preachers are declaring. They attempt to close the ears of the people, to hold them blind and deaf. They want us depending upon them to tell us what God wants from us. Yet they deceive themselves as well.

What is it about “the whole world is deceived” that they don’t understand? The Word tells us that we have let our traditions etc. overtake The Word of God. The commandments of the church overtake God’s commandments. Our preachers encourage us not to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, or watch and/or read most movies or books etc.. They try to run our lives and what they don’t attempt, the government does.

Yet when The Old Testament tells us what to eat or wear, we object. When we know that God has our best interests at heart. And the preachers mainly want your money, power or both. And yes, I am aware that we are told that the Old Testament is old and no longer of any use to us. Yet, may I ask, in whom do you trust?

God never changes, what He expected from Moses, those of that generation, David, Solomon, or any of the great prophets etc. will He not expect from us all?

Jesus warned us that they twist the Scriptures. They have had us sitting on our tush for many generations. There is a work to be done, it is by our works we are judged. What work? Surely it isn’t all those things in the Old Testament that we are told to do. You know like bind His Word, the commandments, and wear them. Or maybe the making of tassels etc.. Yes, according to the Word, there is a work to do. Work that Jesus did because we know Jesus kept the Scriptures as He was told. He is our example, your preacher doesn’t hold a candle next to the light that Jesus gives us when we do the will of the Father.

Jesus tells us to do God’s will. And the only way we can, is to go see what God expects of us. As bad as America is, and she is hurting, we are hurting, we need God’s help. Can we not humble ourselves and go to God and let him know that we have found our way wrong. And beg Him to show us His ways. That we may not only please Him, but help ourselves as well. So our choice is simple, we either do as God says, or we follow our preachers into the pit, the grave. And leave our children the inheritance of slavery.

Everyone is deceived, all of us…everyone! The only way truth will be told is to find those few who have nothing left to lose and is willing to trust in God. Must we all go down, before someone looks up?

If you think you have all the Truth, then you are at even greater peril. Don’t close your mind, ears, or eyes.

May God go with us all.