Spread the Word, America

As we all know, God’s ways are different and better than ours. If we want God to help us then we have to figure out how to get His attention. We are getting desperate, our nation, our freedom, our faith is being sorely tried. Will we make it? Can we do it? Will you rise to the occasion?

The Christian clergy is asking us to pray, vote, and to get involved. Good advice, only with them in the same boat as we are, still doing things the way they were taught by men, are they the ones we should be seeking our advice?

Let’s take prayer. There is verbal prayer, silent prayer, written prayer, prayer in song, and many other ways. Does God prefer one over the other? Is there a time for them all, plus the ones maybe we haven’t noticed or heard of yet?

And then voting. This can go in many directions, so let say the only time God asked us to agree to anything is to accept Jesus. To declare Jesus our Lord Jesus Christ. He did that by telling us to agree or accept His Word. In fact that is all He ever asked of anyone, all the way back to Israel. As Solomon declared, the whole duty of men is to keep the Commandments.

If you have read much on this site you will know we see our Lord Jesus Christ as the whole Bible. Lord, is the Old Testament, Jesus is the Son of God (Gospels), and then the Christ is the Epistles. The Whole Bible sums up how we are to worship God (Old Testament) and how to get along with one another (New Testament).

God goes on to teach us to trim the light by which we walk. So we can take the Bible and trim it down to the Ten Commandments. As well we can take our Constitution and trim it. Thereby keeping the Commandments and forgetting not the law of our mother.

So to vote the way God would acknowledge would be to do as it is written in His Word and bind and wear the Ten Commandments, declaring Jesus is our King.

And then get involved. That is done in many ways. Pick one. If you can’t preach, sing, then print it. Do something to put the Spirit of our Father and our Country back in America. As they remove all that is good, we simply put it everywhere. Privately!

Bind them and place them upon you, yours, your home, your gates. They can be hidden anywhere, everywhere.

We all know God’s ways are different, so when we are told we need to do something, seek God’s way in doing so.

Again we have been warned to arm ourselves. That Christians have become the targets of the world’s hate and anger. So how do we arm ourselves? With everything we can. God gave us armour, we just have to learn to use it. That is done by putting on His Word. To get in Jesus, the Ten Commandments. As well our Founding Fathers told us to arm ourselves. They gave us guns. So do both if possible. Darkness is approaching. Don’t leave anyone unarmed. Be sure and cover every one in Jesus and let all who will buy a gun.

Above all, ask God His advice on everything. Then use His counsel.

Let’s join together and arm everyone, pray for our nation, and may God go with us all. Amen.

Jesus is The Spoken Word, He is The Written Word and He is The Word of God, made flesh. His words are spirit and they are life. Spread The Word!


To All Ministers of the Christian Faith:

Ministers of the faith, you can’t quit now. People trust you to show them what God expects from them. They trust you to give them answers to the day’s problems. They gave you their time, their money, most do all you ask of them. They trust you and many has as much faith in you as they would a parent or anyone they see that God has put in authority. Some trust you more than they trust God Himself.

Do you realize the Spirit moves, not just in church, yet we see it not. The only way we know it’s around is because it will move some into action. That can happen anywhere. Yet most of you don’t look around you. Look up and see where and what the Spirit of God is doing. See what people are saying and what they are doing. Be ready to prove all things. To give proper answers to problems.

If you haven’t noticed, the call for all Christians to arm themselves, has been declared. We have become targets for others’ hate and anger. We cannot allow that angry world to overcome us. We not only need to arm ourselves but we must learn to fight.

Can you counsel us? Do you have our answer? Have you sought God’s counsel to our problem? Have you seen or heard of the moving of the Spirit, prepared to prove all things?

Prove this: To put on Jesus is to bind and wear the Ten Commandments!
He is: The Word Spoken
The Word Written
And The Word spoken of in John 1:1-4, The Word made flesh.

Our Trinity. On the cross was Jesus and a sign above His head. Where was “The Law” that was upon that cross. What is it that God wrote upon your heart that allows you to claim Jesus lives within?

Mind blowing maybe, but true. God provided us with all we would need. We have to learn to use it. To arm ourselves, to protect all that we stand for.

Just because they have removed God from the schools as well as most public places, they shouldn’t be able to remove Him from our life. Cling to Him by keeping Commandments. Keep, as in retain possession of Him, cling to Him. Let Him protect you and yours.

And for those who claim we cannot love God and country, remember we are told to keep commandments and forget not the law of your mother. That would be your Constitution. Be sure and trim the light by which you walk and cut off anything after our Founding Fathers’ signatures. Add liberty(Bill of Rights) and justice(Declaration of Independence), bind it and place it under God, your Ten Commandments.

In our Ten Commandments, do not add to, nor take away, a single word. Copy it just as is, from Exodus 20:2-Exodus 20:17.

The Ten Commandments are the Seal of God, and the need is to seal His people.

Psalms 119:151 Thou art near, O Lord; and all thy commandments are truth.

Psalms 119:142 Thy righteousness is an everlasting righteousness, and thy law is the truth.

Wrap your people in truth so we can all become what God knew we could be, One nation under God!

May God go with us all

Men will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants. Benjamin Franklin

Why You Need to Know

What, who, is Jesus? In John 1:1-4, we are told Jesus is The Word. What does that mean? In Psalm 40:7. We are told He comes in the volume of a book which speaks of Him. Would that mean Jesus is a Word in the Bible?

Remember, you are created in the image and likeness of God. And He is the Author and finisher of our faith. He is The Word, who was once God, and we are a Word as well?

This is a lot to wrap our brains around. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my brain seems too small for such matters. So in the Bible, we set out to find The Word of God that was God, was with God etc.. So we can make Jesus our God. A lot to learn.

To start with, I can only think of one thing God had to say. That was upon the mount, to the people of Israel. In fact God gave us His Word again when He wrote the same Word He spoke upon that mount. In fact the only Word God gave us at all is and was The Ten Commandments. Spoken, Written, and made flesh.

So it looks like Jesus is the Ten Commandments. No wonder we are told to wear Him, put Him upon our gates etc.. People claim Jesus as their Lord, yet it is the Lord who tells us to put on The Commandments.

I am not sure about you, but I am sure the Lord our God knows what He is doing. Sometimes we just have to trust Him see us through. After over two thousand years, we remain with no more hope than most the world. No more faith or love than an atheist.

If one argued the point of that being in the OT. Then why aren’t we doing as Jesus Himself said when He told us to keep His words (I would assume, from the mount as well, being the Sermon on the Mount) even as He kept His Father’s.

We aren’t doing anything. Afraid to work? Why? Aren’t we to be judged by our works? What better works could one have if we get counsel from the Written Word. From the Lord our God, those who went before us?

I don’t know about you but personally I don’t want to rest in Jesus, nor in peace. I want to fight the evil that is overtaking our families, our country, our world. If we all rest who is going to do the work? Who’s going to keep our children free? Isn’t it time we fight for our children instead of sending our children to fight for us?

All we have to do is learn how The Lord our God does it. He fights for His children. He fights with His fingers. Jesus says He told us all things, so we just have to go learn how to fight to win.

I want to give God’s ways a go. I hope you will join me in the fight. Put on the Commandments and let our Lord see us through the coming days. Maybe our children will have hope again. Maybe we might even find God’s providence in our endeavors. We must begin to search the answers to our questions. Let the written Word be our guide, the measure by which we walk, and fight.

Do all things in Him.
May The Word go with us all

Hope, is There Any?

Those who are religious, or say, many who read or study the Bible, and those who believe them, tell us everything is going great. Don’t worry God will take care of us if we keep the faith. Yet many secular people claim doomsday is around the corner and it will be every man for themselves. Which is it? Is heaven or hell coming to America and the world?

There is a day coming that is both great and, yet for some, terrible. It is called a great and terrible day for a reason: it will, or it can, be both. God willing and with His help may He open our eyes and ears that we may come to understand why it has to be both. Why can’t it just all be great?

It is because we were given free will. We have a choice to make and depending on your choice, will that day be great or terrible. Let’s lay that choice out plainly. God tells us to choose His ways, His law. If we choose Him, indeed it will be a great day. If we choose to do nothing, or the world and its ways, then maybe not so great.

If one chooses His ways, His law, then they must do as it is written. To take the Ten Commandments and put them upon their forehead and hand. If they choose the way they were taught by the world, then do nothing. That’s our choice. Nothing hard, for you see God is The Father, which means you can apply the Ten Commandments; Yet Jesus is Lord, so you could apply His commandments. Whether you are Old Testament fans, or New Testament you can do either. Just so you make some attempt to have your evidence of your faith. Make an effort to keep His customs. Like Father, like child.

If you are a child of God, then keep His ways, His customs rather than the world’s. The world is ruled by dictators that are full of greed, and power hungry. America is being consumed by it. Our only hope is that we make the right choice.

If I could counsel you in your decision I would suggest that one keep either the Ten Commandments, or Jesus’ Commandments along with our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Bind them and wear them. Of course we should trim our light, so one would need to cut the Constitution off where our Forefathers signed it.

One should read “Our Healing,” to understand the stripes and the leaves that will bring us our healing and make that Great and terrible Day, a great day indeed.

Those who do nothing will see the terrible day, for God will give us over to the lord you choose. Make the right decision, for it isn’t just your future you will be deciding, but your children and grandchildren as well.

Remember Proverbs 6:20-23

Then remember who you are. Most of all Remember Jesus is The Word of God. The Old Testament, The New Testament, all of it. Obey Him, you will not regret it. Be a doer of THE WORD! May God go with us all (and The Word was God). May He be our God again.

Carry the Light

Don’t just carry that Light within, let it shine. Don’t hide it, put it on and shine hope across America.

If one has to search out meaning of hard sayings wouldn’t it be that they search out God’s rather than the churches? The churches speak a language most don’t understand. Christians have a language of their own. They do not seem to speak the language of the people.

What is this “seven deadly sins” thing? Sin is the transgression of the law. There are Ten Commandments, not seven.

I have to tell you that no matter what I say, no matter what I do, nothing can take place of you just trusting The Word of God. The advice He gives you, cannot be replaced. That wearing The Word will be the hardest thing you ever did, or do. You will think of 1000’s of reasons not too. But only one that might convince you to do so, that is that The Word is all God gave us that is eternal, and only the Bible can lead you and yours to all that God has to offer. Listen to those whom you will, follow those you choose, but until you trust only that which God gave us, then you will not ‘hit the mark.’

The Bible is all God gave us to see us through these tough times. We have to trust that God knows what He is doing and that He went through much to see that we are armed and ready for the days ahead. Our children and grandchildren depend on us. We cannot do it without God and what He provided for us to carry them through.

His counsel, His ways are our only hope. Listen not to vain sayings, leave the preachers to prove themselves, and let’s prove God true.

Choose the Bible of your choice, but remember God has only “ONE” Son, ‘one Word,’ that which He spoke, wrote, and made flesh, find Him and wear Him, for He come in the volume that is written of Him. He is that which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life. (Your Bible) He is in your Bible, which Bible?, which Word? That is your quest. May you find Him and be found in Him.

Read John 1:1-3 very carefully.

May He go with us all.

Another Front

Why keep beating a dead horse? We tried politics and we lost. But just ‘cause we lost the battle doesn’t mean this war is over. We just have to try a different front. We know we aren’t going to help America, our families, nor our selves by continuing to elect people who just can’t get enough money nor power. They are draining us. When are we going to learn that we aren’t going to win Washington? At least not yet.

So we could fight on the ‘religious’ front. But I do believe that is probably in vain as well. So what can we do? Admit we are wrong and we haven’t a clue what has happened and find a way we have yet to try. There is but one way I can think of.

I think our best bet is the ‘God’ front. Not religions, absolutely none of them. I think their wits are still a little bit sleepy. I think we need to turn back to God. Drop all politics, drop all religions and go back to the Book and receive our instructions on living. We have missed something along the way, or dropped the baton. Something went wrong, somewhere, and we must find it. And soon.

Jesus is suppose to go with us and never forsake us. What happened? He is in us, and us in Him, aren’t we? I know God is true, if He said He would write His Law upon our heart, I believe He did, so I know Jesus is in me. But what if we assumed wrong, the part that we are “in” Him? You’ve heard it said, assumptions is the mother of all screw ups, or something like that. What if we are wrong and we are not in Him? Or maybe we should take ‘work out your own salvation’, a little more serious. Or search your heart.

In any relationship each plays a part. God does what we can’t. We can’t write Jesus upon our heart, but we can find what God wrote, then put that upon us. We work together with God.

If God put Jesus in us by writing His Law upon our heart, then if we are in Him, wouldn’t we also have the Law upon us? God gave us one Law, the Ten Commandments. He spoke them, He wrote them, He made them flesh, He placed them upon our heart. His Law.

Our forefathers gave us a Constitution, we were told it would be useless if we ever dropped the moral Law, The Commandments. So they made sure we had The Commandments as well. Our Constitution will fall. She can’t stand alone. They will take our ways, (Constitution) and replace it with their ways. Just as they took God’s Law, and replaced it with theirs. They will continue taking everything, our children, our hopes, they will take it all unless we strengthen ourselves and our loved ones so that we can stand against them. The government, religions, they are just a black hole, a bottomless pit, consuming everything, everyone, till there is nothing left.

God spoke the Ten Commandments, the breath of God. (Rhema)
God wrote the Ten Commandments, the hand of God. (Logos)
God made the Ten Commandments flesh, the Son of God.

We were told God works in mysterious ways, why are we so surprised when we find it so? The Word of God, is The Ten Commandments, our Lord, God’s Son, the Christ of the living God. The engrafted Word of God that can save our souls.

Bind the Ten Commandments and wear Him. They aren’t just fighting against our Constitution, but against The Word of God, Himself. Strengthen yourself that you might stand with Him. “Put Him On”!! You don’t want to be caught on the wrong side of things, nor in the middle of it. Let Him fight this fight for us and we can hide in Him until it is over.

We can’t ‘put Him on’ as He was in the flesh, but we can put Him on as The Word of God.

Note: If you intend to keep the law of your Mother and Father, don’t forget to cut off any part of the Constitution that is below our Founding Fathers signatures (trimming our light). But include our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Remember not to add to or take away anything from our Father’s Law.

It is time to wake up America, this is something you don’t want to sleep through, we have a ring side seat.

We are one nation under God!

May we all be found in Him, and may He go with us all

The 10 Suggestions of God?

The 10 Suggestions of God
by Gary Kurz

This too is a good article.

I agree with Mr. Kurz when he states that God gave us the Commandments for our own good. They belong to God, and He freely gave them to us so that we can find what we need to make it through this life. And remember, we were separated from God until the death of His Son. So because of His sacrifice, we have access to The Word of God.

There is a lot that can be said about the Ten Commandments.
Think over this one:
God spoke the Ten Commandments (Rhema Word)
God wrote the Ten Commandments (Logos Word)
And God made His Word flesh (Jesus?)

Makes John 1:1-3 make more sense.
The Word of God is the only thing that God gave us that is eternal. What if we took that which is eternal and put it on that which is mortal?

May God go with us all.