Jesus’ Roles?

Most of us know Jesus is The Son of God. What most don’t understand is that He is also The Word of God.

It seems most people think only those who preach are ‘called’, but not so. We need no man teach us if we see ourselves as children of God. We have a Father and a Mother but everyone alive is a child of God, all made in His image. So we are the children, and they are the parents. We all can hear, love and obey our Father and Mother. We need no other to teach us or tell us what God has to say, we can read it all for ourselves and allow His Spirit to both lead and guide us home.

Jesus is The Word, John 1:1-5
The Word God spoke: Exodus 20:1
The Word God wrote: Deuteronomy 4:13
and The Word God made flesh John 1:14. He is our example of The Trinity.

Jesus told us that the road to follow Him would be hard. The Word goes on to say we will go through much tribulation. We must prepare to make it through that tribulation and stand in His day. Let’s not let the world overcome us and prepare for the time when they come to steal, kill, and destroy everything we have accomplished.

It is because of Jesus all things are possible. That we come to know The Father, who we are, and our goal in life. We are told we must obey God, to love Jesus, so how do we do that? That is only two things we must learn to do.

We are told to “keep” God’s commandments so we look up on how to “keep” the Ten Commandments. This is how we are to obey God. So what better way to figure it out than to follow our Perfect Example?

Jesus tells us that if we love Him to “keep” His word even as He kept His Father’s. So how did Jesus “keep” His Father’s Word? That is found in Deut. 6:8-9. So we take the Sermon on the Mount and obey our instructions in Deut..

It is up to those who know and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ to show, preach and teach others who our God is. We have to show how He protects and preserves us and our life’s work. And that requires evidence of our faith. Learn to “keep” both the law and testimony, to wear it, set your borders and protect all you love and own.

Spreading the Faith?

We have been told millions of times to spread our faith. To let our light shine. Yet, how are we to do that? It has gotten to where if you try to tell someone about Jesus, they turn a deaf ear. We have all heard it so many times, we are no longer interested in the stories of Jesus.

People are leaving the churches. They have heard it all. So if we don’t preach, if we can’t sing, how are we to help those of little or no faith to keep going until Jesus returns?

It all goes back to it being everyone’s duty as a Christian to spread the gospel. To show their faith, act out their faith etc.. So our big question is how?

We are Americans, we are creative, we are industrial, we always rise to the occasion. We do what we deem necessary to conquer our problems. So let me start with some of the answers as to how to spread the gospel without preaching, nor singing.

We have begun to print the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ as well as prayers from the Bible, or blessing, or encouraging words, all from the Word of God, then binding them and sewing them into things we make. Sometimes, we buy things people need or want, and sew them into whatever we can get our hands on.

Other times, we print blessing, or prayers etc. and place them in picture frames and place them where needed. Children’s rooms. Elderly people’s rooms.

We make cards to encourage people to continue in the faith. We do what we can think of or afford to do. Come on people, share your faith, give a gift of life, or sprit to one in need, for Jesus tells us His words are spirit and they are life–John 6:63. Let’s spread His spirit across America and see if we can beat back the evil approaching us from every orifice.

Why You Need to Know

What, who, is Jesus? In John 1:1-4, we are told Jesus is The Word. What does that mean? In Psalm 40:7. We are told He comes in the volume of a book which speaks of Him. Would that mean Jesus is a Word in the Bible?

Remember, you are created in the image and likeness of God. And He is the Author and finisher of our faith. He is The Word, who was once God, and we are a Word as well?

This is a lot to wrap our brains around. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my brain seems too small for such matters. So in the Bible, we set out to find The Word of God that was God, was with God etc.. So we can make Jesus our God. A lot to learn.

To start with, I can only think of one thing God had to say. That was upon the mount, to the people of Israel. In fact God gave us His Word again when He wrote the same Word He spoke upon that mount. In fact the only Word God gave us at all is and was The Ten Commandments. Spoken, Written, and made flesh.

So it looks like Jesus is the Ten Commandments. No wonder we are told to wear Him, put Him upon our gates etc.. People claim Jesus as their Lord, yet it is the Lord who tells us to put on The Commandments.

I am not sure about you, but I am sure the Lord our God knows what He is doing. Sometimes we just have to trust Him see us through. After over two thousand years, we remain with no more hope than most the world. No more faith or love than an atheist.

If one argued the point of that being in the OT. Then why aren’t we doing as Jesus Himself said when He told us to keep His words (I would assume, from the mount as well, being the Sermon on the Mount) even as He kept His Father’s.

We aren’t doing anything. Afraid to work? Why? Aren’t we to be judged by our works? What better works could one have if we get counsel from the Written Word. From the Lord our God, those who went before us?

I don’t know about you but personally I don’t want to rest in Jesus, nor in peace. I want to fight the evil that is overtaking our families, our country, our world. If we all rest who is going to do the work? Who’s going to keep our children free? Isn’t it time we fight for our children instead of sending our children to fight for us?

All we have to do is learn how The Lord our God does it. He fights for His children. He fights with His fingers. Jesus says He told us all things, so we just have to go learn how to fight to win.

I want to give God’s ways a go. I hope you will join me in the fight. Put on the Commandments and let our Lord see us through the coming days. Maybe our children will have hope again. Maybe we might even find God’s providence in our endeavors. We must begin to search the answers to our questions. Let the written Word be our guide, the measure by which we walk, and fight.

Do all things in Him.
May The Word go with us all

The Bible – A Love Letter

The Bible – A Love Letter

I liked this article and it is how I see the Bible.
But again I need to express the fact that not everyone has the time to spend reading the Bible daily. Times are hard and most of us have a full day’s work ahead of us.

I always thought that is why we paid the preachers. So that we can take care of the work, and they can tell us what God wants us to do. Nowhere in the Bible is it written ‘thou shall read this book daily.’ God knows we are in a mess. Doing double time so to speak. What is His solution? Simply take His Word with you wherever you go, do all you do in The Word.

And no, you don’t have to take the whole Bible, just The Word of God. You know those He spoke, those He wrote, the Ten Commandments. And God can speak to you because He tells us in Proverbs 6:20-23 that His Word speaks to us.

I think the churches have failed us here. We were never told how to hear from God for ourselves. That we can spend hours in His presence and not have to sit over a Bible. But to go about our day doing what we do, doing all we do in The Word.

Oh, and if you want eyes to see, take along with you Jesus’ commandments as well.

May God go with us all.